Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium

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To control unexpected bloom of algae and other hazardous elements, every aquarium owner need to have the Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium that will help remove these harmful elements from the water.

Sometimes aquariums will encounter un-expected algae blooms and other events that may jeopardize the health and beauty of your aquarium.

These events may be caused by such as , algae, and floating in your water. UV use a special fluorescent lamp that will eradicate and control these free-floating as well as disease causing pathogens when water is pumped through the unit.

Identifying the Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium Fish Tank that will give the appropriate solutions and remarkably handle the affairs of the water in the tank is very important for you.

However, being able to do this can sometimes feel like achieving a milestone. This is because it can be confusing to choose from the majority of brands that promises to offer the best services for your aquarium.

You need not to worry about knowing how to choose the Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium , after going through this article you will be able to make the right choice for your aquarium tanks.

Choosing The Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium Tank

There are set guidelines that you should consider when selecting the Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium  Tank.

Brand: it is essential to check the brand of the product you are buying because there are brands that have a reputation for quality in the market.

Reviews: what other consumers of the product are saying can really steer your decision making when buying your suction cups.

Quality: you should have a specific want and need regarding quality and functions you want from the type of  UV replacement bulb you are getting.

Having known this, you should look out for these qualities when buying your product.


Top 12 Best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium Tank 2020

1) Tech’n’Toy SunSun 9 Watt UV Replacment Bulb

Sometimes aquariums will encounter un-expected algae blooms and other events that may jeopardize the health and beauty of your aquarium. These events may be caused by such as , algae, and floating in your water.

UV use a special fluorescent lamp that will eradicate and control these free-floating as well as disease causing pathogens when water is pumped through the unit.

SunSun 9 Watt UV Replacement Bulb compatible with the following products: Canister Filters: SunSun HW-303B, HW-304B, HW-402B, HW-403B, HW-404B, HW-505B, Aquatop CF400UV CF500UV.

UV Sterilizers: SunSun JUP-01, CUV-109, Aquatop UVP-9, UVCP-9. Pond Pump: SunSun CUP-609, CUP-129, CUP-359, CUP-3000, CUP-5000, CUP-8000.

Also suitable for: Tetra UVC-9, Tetra UV1, Helix Max, Turbo-Twist, GreenFree and JBJ Submariner UV units.

  • Replacement bulb for SunSun & Aquatop Canisters, UV and Pond Pumps
  • Also works with Tetra, Helix Max, Turbo-Twist, GreenFree and JBJ Submariner UV units
  • Average Life Hour: 8,000hrs
  • G23 2 Pin Base
  • Power: 9 watts

2) LSE Lighting 9W 9-watt UV Replacement Bulb

They are compact UVC Ultraviolet germicidal bulbs used in residential water and air disinfection units. The compact size of Bulb allows for a small system design and design flexibility.

This tuv pl-s lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime to close to 10, 000 working hours for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy.

The lamps are design to perfectly fit the G23 base sockets. Our UVC germicidal lamps operates at 9 watts and has an Ultraviolet output of 2.4 watts. It has an average life of 10, 000 hours.

The 9 watt G23 base fits the following UV sterilizers models and units: Terminator, garden treasures, Bullfrog, jebo, Cypriot Orton 1000 4000, fish Mate 1000 2000, becket, Cora life Turbo twist 3x, Cal pump UV Clarifier UV9, nursery pro ultra clean 1000 2000, fish Mate pressurized, lifeguard all in one filter.

It also fits aqua medic helix max 9, custom sea life 9x double helix sterilizer, Tetra green free UV1 mini pond Clarifier, jbj submariner, oase Barton 9W models 800, 1600, 3000, 4000, germ-guardian Ev9102, Sunterra pond, tmc Clear stream 1200 filter with UV.

It also fits unimax pro 250, 500, and 700, United pump aqua shield, via aqua pressurized pond filter used for-4000uvc used for-5000uvc used for-6000uvc, aqua top cf-400, cf-500 UV pump, Greco how-303b filter UV, tetra-pond 3x.


3) rOXIN 7W 11W Submersible Algae Bloom Light

The best way to use this UV light as the light in a sump ,if you do not have a sump that fits it,may be you can divide the fish tank two part with a Opaque plastic board,use the light in the part which the fish can not reach.

== this fish tank clean light help to clean the green and alage,such as Fish tank,swimming pool,pond, shoes,dog house clean and so on.

== If you do not follow the Instructions,your fish will be hurts,Instructions:the best way is using the light in sump tank,if you do not have a sump,may be you can divide the fish tank two part with a Opaque plastic board,use the light in the part which the fish can not reach.

== Please Note that this light clean the green in the water,but can not clean the green attach on rock and tank.Promise to respond within 12 hours.

== Power Plug with Switch on/off,Suitable for tanks up to 300-gallons,Make your fish tank’s water clean

== 7 Watt aquarium clean light,Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater,suggest that use the light 3-4 hours once in 2-4 days.

4) Aqua Ultraviolet AAV20025 Mercury Quartz Lamp for Aquarium

OEM replacement for Aqua UV sterilizers Recommended replacement every 12 months Replacement part

# A20025 Lamp Length: 17 1/2 inch 25 Watt Aqua UV Replacement Lamp for UV Sterilizer Replacement UV Lamp for& 25 watt Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer.

  • 25 watt Mercury quartz replacement lamp
  • Manufactured by Aqua Ultraviolet
  • Made in United States

5) TetraPond Replacement UV Bulb 

TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifiers work to keep your pond clean, clear, and free of green algae. These dependable clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy suspended green algae.

As algae are pumped into the Clarifier they are exposed to Ultra-Violet light that destroys the reproductive ability of single celled algae. The dead algae is then pumped out of the Clarifier where it clumps and is removed by your tank’s filtration system.

Tetra UV Clarifiers can typically remove heavy algae blooms within five days and keep your pond algae-free long term. GreenFree UV Clarifiers are easy to conceal, durable, install in minutes, and feature a 3-year limited warranty.

  • 8000 hour life
  • Should be replaced after 11 months
  • For up to 1800-gallon ponds

6) Coospider Aquarium UV Clean Light 

The warning when you use this UVC lamp :

  1. Please don’t look at the working UVC lamp, ensure that the eyes and skin are not exposed to the UV-C rays.
  2. Don’t put this UVC light into the fish living area directly !!!!! otherwise the UV-C light will kill the fish !!!!!
  3. Keep this lamp out of reach of children.

How long should run it on a daily basis?

In most cases, it is enough to open it for 1-2 hours a day, but the most important thing is depend on the water quality in the aquarium.

If is the first time to use this UVC lamp, and the water in the tank has green algae, or looks very turbid, you can open it continuously for 24-48 hours in the first time.

Until the water in the tank becomes clear, and then use it (once 1-2 hours) every day or every other day, to maintain the good condition of the water.

Of course, different fish tanks have different conditions, such as each fish tank have different types of fish, different numbers, different fish food to eat every day, if fish eat more, it pulls out more manure, then need use this lamp more long time.

Although 1-2 hours a day can be applied for most fish tanks, but the best way is for you to decide how long use this lamp per day according to the water quality of the fish tank.

You also can try many times, such as open it for 1 hour every day, if the water can maintain clear state, then don’t need to open it 2 hours.


7) AA Aquarium AA24W-UVC Green Killing Bulb


Green killing machine internal UV sterilizer with power head the green killing machine internal UV sterilizer with power head is a completely submersible UV sterilizer and power head in one.

UV radiation is effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, molds and other pathogens, in turn controlling algae growth. Water flows in direct contact with the UV lamp, intensifying its function of fighting green water.

In addition, it can be hidden behind ornaments in your aquarium, cutting back on tubing around your tank.

The unit is designed for water to flow through in a zig zag pattern to maximize the exposure to the UV bulb making it incredibly efficient and pump included simple 1-2-3 installation submersible assembly no external pipes or plumbing suction cup mounting.

No hardware required led signals need for UV bulb replacement electrically child safe 12v low voltage design zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time radiation at a wavelength of 254mn making the unit extremely effective filtration pump and sponge inclusive.

  • Keep your aquarium crystal clear.
  • Controls green water, eliminates cloudiness and bacteria without any chemicals.
  • Perfect for aquariums up to 120 Ga (450L).
  • No installation at all, simply clip to any waterfall filter.
  • Led signals need for a UV bulb replacement.

8) Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Replacement Lamp

It is recommended to replace your Turbo-Twist UV lamp after 4,000 hours of operation or every 6 months.

  • Replacement for turbo-twist UV sterilizer
  • Emits UVC rays
  • Eliminates and controlls single-cell algae, bacteria and parasites

9) Sunsun 9w Uv Lamp Bulb


This spare UV bulb is good for sunsun HW-303B 304B 404B JUP-01 UV filter Cf400uv, Cf500uv
works with Tetra, Helix Max, Turbo-Twist, GreenFree and JBJ Submariner UV units

  • sunsun 9w UV lamp
  • G23 2 Pin Base
  • can working with same socket other brand UV
  • Average Life Hour: 8,000hrs

10) Aqua UV 15W bulb



Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage UV Sterilizer 15 Watt Replacement Lamp. Length including pins: 8.5″.

This lamp will only work with the Aqua Ultraviolet 15 Watt Advantage UV Sterilizer. It will not work with the Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Sterilizer.

  • Length including pins: 8.5″.
  • 15 Watts.

11) Lifegard Replacement Ultraviolet Bulbs 

Its unique 4-pin connectordesign allows easy bulb replacement without shutting down the system

It has an End cap wire design drops bulb further into unit for maximum output, keeps heat away from sealing and allows easy replacement without shutting down

Average Output: 15,910 Microwatt Seconds/cm squared

12) Innovative Marine Auqashield 9W UV Ultra Violet Light 

This light acts as  Your First Line of Defense Cloudy water, Algae and parasites lead to the frustration of many hobbyists.

The main reason why these problems occur is that each multiplies quickly; free floating in the tank, unseen to the naked eye. Only when it’s too late, the hobbyist becomes aware of their presence.

By adding a UV Sterilizer into your aquarium, you can minimize the risk of these problems occurring. Germicidal UV lights have been used for decades by the medical industry as a method for killing micro-organisms.

This type of light has proven that it is effective in reducing the free-floating micro-organisms that pass directly through the light rays.

The AUQA Shield harnesses the UV-C technology and encompasses it within a germicidal fluorescent lamp that produces light at a wavelength of approximately 254 nanometers.

The infected water passes over the bulb, the wavelength travels through the water, penetrates the pathogens and mutates their DNA destroying their ability to multiply and after time will eventually perish.

The AUQA Shield was designed to target free floating aquatic nuisances, by dramatically halting the spread of infections , saving your livestock from fatal health diseases, improving the clarity of your water and overall health of your aquarium.

  • High Intensity 9 Watt UV-C Bulb (254 nanometer wavelength) that dramatically halts the spread of infections and improves water clarity.
  • 25 gallon capacity | Fits all Desktop Innovative Marine Fusion AIO (all in one) aquariums. (Nuvo Fusion 10, 20, Peninsula 14, 20, Lagoon 25, Concept Panorama 20, Concept Peninsula 20).
  • Drop-In Installation (Overflow Column). No Pump Required
  • Mechanical Filter Sponge Included
  • Disposable UV Cartridge (Quartz Sleeve and Bulb) with Quick Disconnect. Optimal Bulb Life Span of 10 months.

                                                      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

How to use this UV lamp?

– Where should I install it?

It is best to install this UV light in the filter system of the fish tank or pond. It can’t be put directly into the fish living area, otherwise the UV-C rays will kill the fish.

It is recommended to use it in these places:

  1. in filter box/tank.
  2. At the inlet of fish tank/pond
  3. The separate space in the aquarium/pond is separated from the fish life area by an opaque baffle.

– Can I put it in the filter in other location?

Yes, just make sure that the fish is not directly exposed to its light, and have the continuous flow of water passes through it, then the water will purified by it.


The process of selecting the best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium may be tedious but it is of great essence because as we have discussed it determines to a large extent the survival of your aquarium and plants.

Although these UV lights and their compositions differ by their brand and capabilities, and it is of importance that you have it in mind that several new products are being pumped into the market every day.

Creating a beautiful, ecstatic and habitable environment for your aquarium is very much possible, not to mention cheaper. Now it’s easier and safer too.

Making the right choice should be your priority and with the above set guidelines, you can be sure not to have a difficult time in the market when planning to get your best UV Replacement Bulbs For Aquarium.

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