Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium

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Image result for plants for shrimp aquariumFor all shrimp aquarists, an essential part of preparing your tank for your shrimp lies in choosing the Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium.
These plants also make the aquarium look nice and give your shrimp and fish a good place to hide.
Live aquarium plants also do some very important work – they keep the tank clean, oxygenate the water, and maintain the correct pH balance in the water.
Natural living plants are the best way to decorate your aquarium. Besides the great look, they also play a huge role in boosting shrimp survival rate.
However, there are plants that are particularly suitable for an aquarium with shrimp because of their compliance with the requirements for water parameters and lighting.

You need plants in your aquarium, but which live aquarium plants do you choose?

Some plants can be very difficult to care for, requiring the right degree of light and special care to stay alive, while others can be very easy to look after. Simply plant them in the tank and forget all about them.

So let’s take a look at some of the most common freshwater aquarium plants and see what we need to do to care for them.

Top 10 Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium(Review & Guide


1. Java Moss

Java Moss is a great option for cherry shrimp for a number of different reasons. First of all, java moss is fairly low maintenance and really does not take much work or effort in order to keep alive.

You can use some fishing line to anchor java moss down to a rock, driftwood, or to some decorations too.

Java moss is excellent for providing your tank with biofilm, it helps filter the water, and it provides oxygenation effects too.. Java moss does not require high intensity lighting, it does not need too much CO2, and it does fine with minimal nutrients ..

The reason why cherry shrimp like java moss so much is because it is thick and dense. In other words, it provides them with a great hiding place from other shrimp and fish, especially for young cherry shrimp that are still in the process of maturing.

Java moss is also great for catching food which cherry shrimp can then scavenge. They also like to crawl along its surface. All in all, java moss is one of the best plants to go with for any cherry shrimp tank.


2. Exo Terra Water Plant

Now, to be perfectly clear, this is a fake plastic plant that is made to look like duckweed, but it is not a real life living plant. This is something that many would see as an advantage because it won’t die.

It does not need nutrients, lighting, CO2, or anything else. This is a floating plastic plant that rests on top of the water’s surface.

This particular Exo Terra Water Plant is a good option to go with because it helps provide cherry shrimp with good cover from anything above, especially from really intense light.

At the same time, the leaves here are big enough so that cherry shrimp can stand on them, something which they love to do. The fact that this plant will be fine in a place where real plants simply can’t grow is a big benefit, not to mention that cherry shrimp will still love it.


3. Java Fern

The java fern is another plant that is more than ideal for cherry shrimp. First off, java ferns are fairly easy to take care of. They are very hardy plants that can survive in various temperatures and water parameters.

Yes, the water should be quite warm and a little acidic, but that is exactly what cherry shrimp need, so it is no big deal. Also, while java ferns do best with lots of light, CO2, and nutrients, they are not entirely necessary to its growth.

Java ferns can do pretty well in low light conditions. This plant also does a fairly good job with water filtration, plus it can help oxygenate the water too. There is also the fact that java ferns look pretty nice too. This is one of the Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium.

In terms of java ferns and cherry shrimp, the shrimp like them because they have big leaves which provide them with cover from anything above. At the same time, cherry shrimp love to explore and walk around on plants, something which they can do on java fern leaves.

Finally, the bottom of java ferns forms a cluster of stems, an area where food can accumulate. Cherry shrimp like to scavenge food, making the base of a java fern a good hangout for these little guys.


4. Anubias Nana Petite On Driftwood

This particular Anubias nana is a really cool option to go with. Anubias nana is a really easy plant to take care of in general. It does fine in both high and low light environments.

Also, it can survive in a pretty broad temperature range. Furthermore, it does do better with the addition of some nutrients and CO2, but it is not totally necessary.

All in all, this is a slow growing plant that does not need to be trimmed much and really doesn’t require too much maintenance in general. However, just like other plants, the oxygenation and water purification it provides are both big benefits to any aquarium.

The reason we really like this particular Anubias nana is because it comes attached to a piece of driftwood. This means that you do not have to plant it yourself. You can simply place it wherever you see fit. This makes moving it easy too.

Cherry shrimp will love Anubias nana, especially on this piece of driftwood, because it provides a good amount of cover from anything above.

At the same time, it makes for a good little exploration plant which the cherry shrimp can walk around on. Finally, the driftwood and the plant itself will collect food residue, thus making it an ideal place for cherry shrimp to scavenge food.


5. Water Wisteria

This fifth and final plant we want to talk about is yet another one that is more than ideal for cherry shrimp. This particular plant does not come with any roots, but when planted in a good substrate it will quickly grow a really strong root system.

One thing that needs to said is that water wisteria does need a fair amount of light, nutrients, and CO2. However, it is fairly hardy and can survive in varying conditions, but if you want it to grow fast and healthy, a good amount of light and nutrients is definitely needed.

Water wisteria is a good choice pretty much for the same reasons as the other plants we have talked about so far. It is a good place for old food to accumulate, which is great for cherry shrimp because they love to scavenge.

The fairly big leaves of water wisteria also make it a good option because cherry shrimp can walk around on it. Finally, those same leaves also provide cherry shrimp with some cover, something which they like on occasion.


6.  Greenpro Anubia Aquarium Plants

Anubias is a plant that is very easy to grow. They are great both for a beginner’s and a pro’s aquarium. Anubias does not demand much attention and can be floated or attached to driftwood, decorations etc. in any tank.

Anubias are very common for growing algae on their leaves and the more algae it has the happier your shrimp are. Especially, if you have Amano shrimp, who are voracious algae eaters. So, what else is good about this plant?

You might be surprised to know that Anubias in the shade can grow better than some plants in the full light. They are great plants, especially for low tech tanks. That is really great because the shrimp do not need a lot of the light at all.

Note: Unfortunately, if you want to get more algae, you need to have lights on in the tank.

Anubias has low demands. This plant is extremely adaptable and can tolerate nearly any water quality or environment. It does not require any CO2 supply to be robust. Some aquarists say that you cannot kill this plant unless you really go out of your way to do it.

It is a very slow growing plant with coarse leaves. Because of the thick structure, Anubias is relatively hard to break by accident, while doing the maintenance of the tank and also Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp.

7.    Java Fern

Java Fern plant


This is another great plant if you are just starting your aquarium. Java Fern is a dream plant for you because:

It is a hardy plant which really does not need any special conditions to help it grow. It does not require high light, good substrate or high nutrients, which is why it is so popular in aquarist hobby.

This is one of the easiest plants to care for. Therefore, if you have ever had problems with growing aquarium plants, give this one a try.

Java Fern grows extremely slowly, or may not even grow at all if you bury them. Thus, you do not want to bury Java Fern, it is better to attach it to any rocks or wood.

They have quite large and wide leaves, it is a surface for biofilm, microorganisms for your shrimp. This is one of the Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium.

8. Bucephalandra 


Bucephalandra is a fairly new species of plant to the aquarium hobby. They are pretty much like Anubius. However, what makes it so unique, is the extremely wide variety of colors it can display, as well as having many different leaf shapes as well.

Bucephalandra is very adaptable and can grow within a wide range of parameters. They are not fussy about parameters but they want them stable. Though, in lower light setups, this plant will generally stay closer to green.

Like many other plants, you can wedged between rocks and decorations, or attach to rocks orIt can grow really well without any fertilizer.

This plant proves a lot of surface for the biofilm, which will make you shrimp happy.

9. Water lettuce


Water Lettuce, Live Aquarium/Floating/Aquatic/Pond Plant by G&Z

Besides being attractive and looking nice in your aquarium, Water Lettuce is absolutely wonderful for sucking up nitrates and ammonia. Frankly saying, you can get floating plants, submerged or rooted plants as well.

The main idea here is that they need to feed off of the water column for the most part. Of course, water changes are still required. Do not just add floating plants and expect it to be the only source of nitrate removal in your shrimp tank.

However, it helps and Water lettuce is great at this job.Last but not least in this list are floaters. Water lettuce (to be precise – Pistia Stratiotes) is my favorite floating plant.

Another great advantage of Water lettuce for the shrimp tank is that its complex root system works excellent with powder shrimp food like Bacter AE. The long roots provide another surface for shrimp to explore and find food.

This is especially important for baby shrimps. This is the place you will see a lot of baby shrimp grazing on. An evergreen, the long dangling roots also serve as a safe haven for adult and baby shrimp.

It provides much-needed shade for shrimp, therefore, making them more active and less shy. Water lettuce is very easy to care, just keep them on water and they will grow.

The only downside of Water lettuce is that it can completely cover the top of the tank, blocking all the light for any other plants below. It would be a good idea to remove some plants during tank maintenance anyway.

Tip: If you have a hang-on-back filter and a small tank, Water lettuce can be pushed around the tank by the current. The solution to this problem is simple – create a “roped off area” for the plant by using clear air tubing strung across the top of the aquarium.

10. Rotala rotundifolia 

Actually, it is also one of my favorite plants. The only reason why it is not in the Top 5 because it is a rooted plant and requires a special aquarium set up for that.This beautiful aquarium plant is one of the best choices for almost any aquarium for lots of reasons but mostly because:

It is a very tough plant. It can survive the cycling. The point is that a lot of people prefer ADA Amazonia soil as a substrate in their tanks and as we know, ADA Amazonia leaches a lot of ammonia (from 4 to 8 ppm).

Unlike some of the more sensitive plants, which cannot handle that level of ammonia and start “melting”, Rotala rotundifolia is doing absolutely OK. Therefore, you can add them during the beginning of the cycle.

It does not grow too fast and that is why it will not overcrowd the tank. The beautiful long leaves create a lot of surface, which is a very important factor in shrimp breeding.

Another huge advantage of the Rotala rotundifolia is that its roots prevent anaerobic pockets in the substrate (hydrogen sulfide gas or (H2S). Which is highly toxic in the aquarium.

It grows really nicely in the tanks and looks very cool. Without pruning, the plant will take a bushy appearance which is suitable for shrimp breeding tanks. Rotala rotundifolia seems to be just right for the shrimp tanks.


Image result for plants for shrimp aquarium

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Plants For Cherry Shrimp

There are a few general tips and hints that we can provide you with in terms of picking the best plants for cherry shrimp. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

    • Cherry shrimp like to scavenge for food along the bottom of the tank, within wood, rocks, and caves, and will generally eat mostly anything they come across. Plants that allow for the buildup of food are great for cherry shrimp because they provide them with a feeding ground.


    • Cherry shrimp love to walk around, explore, and rest on leaves. Providing them with plants that have a dense carpet or have big leaves are ideal because it allows cherry shrimp to walk around on them with ease.


  • Cherry shrimp can be a little skittish, especially when other aquatic animals involved. This means that cherry shrimp do like to hide and take cover quite often. A plant that is good for cherry shrimp is one that allows them to hide within or under the vegetation.


At the end of the day, cherry shrimp are highly compatible with quite a few plants. All of the above choices make for the top 10 Best Plants For Shrimp Aquarium in terms of the best plants for cherry shrimp (Java Moss is our top pick).

Just remember to give these little shrimp some cover, a place to walk and rest on, and a good scavenging ground for food.

All in all a mix of these easy-to-grow plants will help a beginner aquarists develop a long lasting ecosystem.

All of these plants will benefit in baby shrimp survival rates. They will provide great refuge for young shrimp and also increases the surface area in which shrimp can graze.

In addition, on top of the many benefits, they are extremely easy to keep and propagate without all of the hassles of constant maintenance that comes with high-tech planted tanks.

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