Best LED Light For A Reef Tank

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The best LED light for a reef tank have certain features that make it stand out as the most exceptional light needed for your aquarium to thrive.

These features include better performance, great design, and a number of others.

If you’ve chosen to use LED lighting in your aquarium, it’s probably because you want it to look as attractive as possible!

Sometimes you will make the right choice of lights, other times not.

This is because there are so many similar products available today that you might end up being confused on which to choose.

Is your aquarium not as lively and attractive looking as you would like?

It could be simply because you have not used the right aquarium light. You could start having the best aquarium.

To help you in deciding which to buy, below is a guide for you to follow.

10 Best LED Lighting for Reef Tanks – (2020 Reviews & Guide)

1.  Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light Aquarium

This LED has been rated as one of the best because of its amazing features. This full-spectrum LED provides 6500K ultra-bright illumination.

The sleek design is what makes it stand out from the crowd. This energy-efficient LED is available at an amazing price.

Some of the best things about this LED are that it is lightweight and user-friendly.

It is easy to install and provides the perfect lighting for your aquarium.

2.  Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

This LED allows you to take the greatest possible care of your plant, by taking advantage of the different intensities of light and actually figuring out the different growth phases of plants, thus creating the ideal environment.

Despite having a multitude of features, this LED comes at a very reasonable price.  You will be amazed at all the benefits this particular LED has to offer.

The design of this LED system is such that it can very easily illuminate a whole standard size aquarium without the least worry about producing heat and increasing the temperature inside the aquarium.

This LED system is available at a very affordable price. The size of the LED varies from 18 to 60 inches, and it is pretty easy to handle.

This LED also provides an easy color adjustment feature for your convenience.

3.  VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light

The VIPARSPECTRA is a full spectrum aquarium light with a special design. The different colored lights are arranged in a criss-cross style among the white bulbs.

Even though the design seems random, the company assures their users that this layout is researched and approved by thousands of Reef Central members to maximize the health and growth of aquatic plants and coral reefs in your tanks.

By having full spectrum of lights, providing many different light waves, this fixture is suitable and healthy for all photosynthetic corals, helping them grow better and maintain a vibrant color.

The light bulbs are grouped into different channels. Each can be fully programmed. There are built-in timers in each channel, allowing you to program the intensity, and on and off time, for each separate light channel.

This feature makes this fixture almost completely customizable. Different types of fish require different intensities and amounts of light at various times of the day.

Having this programmable timer function means that you don’t have to rush back from work or wake up at night to adjust the light, and you’ll never forget to dim the lights for your fish.

4.  Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED

This LED system is completely automated, unlike most other LED systems—it can figure out the temperature and the actual stage of the plant’s growth.

With this information, it can vary the intensities as per requirement and make use of the different colors and wavelengths of light to optimize the growth of the organisms living in your aquarium.

The hands-free mode can be used here, and the best part is that the LEDs can be customized and used as dim light instead of the usually brilliantly bright ones.

The fixtures available with these LEDs are very easy to attach to your aquarium and strong enough to hold the LED solidly in place. Thus, this LED makes the list of the very Best LED Light For A Reef Tank .

5.  Finnex FugeRay Planted Aquarium LED Light

This light has a slim design, in the shape of a long and narrow bar. With the LED light bulbs spread across 120 degrees, this unit can light up the largest aquariums. The LED bulbs used in this fixture are top-notch in quality.

They can last at least 40,000 hours of constant use. The circuit boards are built with high-quality aluminum to help keep the lights cool, which will make the bulbs last even longer.

This fixture is designed with a series of LED light bulbs to promote marine refugium and growth. Unlike many other fixtures, which arrange their bulbs in one spot for intense lighting effects, this fixture arranges the bulbs in a more evenly spaced manner.

Thanks to this, the lighting covers the aquarium more evenly and the intensity of the lighting is not too strong.

This fixture provides full spectrum light. It includes a wide range of colored LED lights to ensure the health and growth of your fish and aquatic plants in the tank.

The fixture comes with two lighting modes, daylight, and moonlight. The moonlight feature can be turned on via remote so you can set the moonlight lighting for your aquarium at night.

6.  Beamswork DA Series LED Pent Aquarium Freshwater Plant Light

This LED system is designed to help you achieve an appealing look for your aquarium, but keep the cost low. Making your aquarium look better just got cheaper.

It is not just about lighting up your aquarium— it can also help keep your energy bill low. The LED lights this model uses are selected because of their low energy consumption levels.

This is one of the many reasons many people love this model for lighting up their aquariums.

The model still comes with an amazingly sleek and contemporary design. It fits easily in a wide variety of aquarium sizes.

These LEDs are long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about having to replace the different bulbs every few months like you do in older models of aquarium lighting.

7.  NICREW Classic LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets

There is no doubt that among the many LED lights, this is one of the best. You do not become the best by just coming from a top brand, but rather by delivering on performance. This model has some exceptional aspects, as we will get to see.

The first thing you will like about this model is its brightness. It is a super-bright light. It will always illuminate every corner of your fish tank with ease.

It might be bright, but it is also energy efficient. Some lights use a lot of energy to deliver this level of brightness, but this one does not. That’s because it uses LED lights that produce amazing brightness with low, economical energy use.

They can also last a very long time, so you do not need to worry about replacing the light any time soon.

The adjustable metal bracket makes this model a great choice for a variety of aquarium sizes. The manufacturer recommends that you install it on tanks ranging from 46 inches to 54 inches. The large aquariums now have a light that fits them with ease.

There are two lighting modes built into this model. The white and blue LEDs are good for daylight, while the blue LEDs alone will be good for nighttime.

8.  Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light

If you own a saltwater aquarium, you can make it even better with just a few easy upgrades. In addition, you can be sure that the model will keep looking great even over time.

The manufacturer has integrated high-powered LED chips that deliver great wide spectrum lighting.

Such spectrum is important to deliver the right type of light wavelengths needed to keep your marine life healthy and thriving. This will ultimately result in better growth and more vibrant colors.

The dome optics enable this model to spread the light evenly throughout the entire aquarium. This ensures that all marine life in the aquarium can get the light they need to grow.

For easier use, the manufacturer made it easily programmable. You can set it to turn on or off at your specified hours, while the model can still simulate any times of the day you choose, such as moonlight, sunrise, and sunset.

The various dynamic effects available allow you to choose an effect that will provide just the look you are going for. You can easily switch from one effect to another, depending on your personal preference.

9.  KOVAL 156 LED Aquarium Light


This fixture has a long and narrow shape, making it easy to fit into any aquarium. The fixture also includes an extendable bracket, making it fit different sizes of aquariums.

Because of the powerful light effects of this model, as long as the extendable bracket can reach the sides of the tanks, the lights on this fixture can effectively cover all the areas that the bracket can extend to.

The LED light bulbs are highly efficient and low energy. Since aquarium lights are turned on almost all the time, the energy-saving feature of these light bulbs will help you save quite a bit on your electric bills.

Unlike other LED fixtures, when one of the LED lights on this model is broken the rest of the LEDs are unaffected and work normally.

This fixture has full spectrum light, which is suitable for any types of fish, aquatic plants, and coral reefs. It comes with three optional control modes for the lights: all lights on, only blue LEDs on, and all lights off.

The “all light option” is for daytime and the blue LEDs are for nighttime, giving a moonlight effect to the water.

10. S SMIFUL LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light RGB Color Changing Underwater Light Submersible Crystal Glass Lights

This LED system has Colorful LED Lights that can be controlled by wireless remote. This LED system turns the reef tank fish tank into a colorful landscape.

It can be widely used in fish tanks, cisterns, rockeries, pet cages and others. Bright LED Bar can make your tank look like part of oceans, and your fish and reptiles seen where they’re swimming or moving.

This LED system has a 5050 LED lights chip which is 20% brighter and is designed for reliable, long-term performance, energy saving and safe.

It has explosion protection acrylic glass that gives it a more clear and safer light for your aquariums.




Benefits of Installing The Best LED Light for Reef Tank

Brighten Up the Aquarium

LED lights are designed so that they can deliver the best possible visual effects in aquariums. It does not matter what type of effect you want, you can always make the adjustments on the product control panel to enjoy more effects.

Some of the light systems come with a remote control allowing you to make adjustments from the comfort of your couch. With these great new technological advances, you can now make amazing effect changes with just the press of a button.

Safe to Use

The LED lights are made to be safer to use than the old metal halide and T5 fluorescent lights.

This is because there are no metal filaments or noxious gasses found in the LED lights. The manufacturers are also evolving their system to make them water-resistant too.

They Generate Less Heat

You can expect that LED lights will produce some heat, but its heat is not enough to make the temperatures in the reef tank higher than you want it to be. The amount of heat produced by LED lighting is nothing compared to that produced by other types of lighting.

With the low heat of LEDs, it is possible for you to keep the power consumption of your aquarium lighting to a minimum.

Better Growth of Plants and Marine Animals

You will be surprised at how much the lighting you use will affect the environment in the aquarium. This means that the LED strip lights could be excellent for the health of your coral and plant life.

Most of the LED lights produce between 8000K and 10000K of lighting, which should be sufficient to promote the growth of a wide variety of plants and the other organisms in the water.


Mostly Compact

You will find that most of the LED lighting systems are designed to be compact and easy to make adjustments to.

Being compact means that you can place them nearly anywhere around the tank that you want to. It is also possible to mount them in the tank in a way that allows for space and maneuverability so you can easily clean and maintain the fish tank.

Some manufacturers are also making waterproof LED lights so that you can even mount them underwater and easily clean the tanks whenever needed.

How Does LED Aquarium Lighting Work?

LED aquarium lighting is basically an array of small LED lights arranged in a particular order to produce a bright light, having different intensities and different color options as well.

The arrangement of the LEDs in an LED light is as simple as its working. Some of you might be a little more inquisitive about these LED lights and wish to know more about them.

In that case, the first question that comes to mind is: How do these LED lights work? It is quite simple.

These LED lights are basically some diodes. When these diodes are connected to a source of electricity, the electrons in them are converted into photons, and these photons are the packets of energy that we generally perceive as bright light, or light of a particular intensity or of a particular color or wavelength.

These lights of different wavelengths are connected together in a series, and these miniature lights together give a brilliant shine to your aquarium.

They can be used to light it as well as provide an appropriate atmosphere for your plants and corals, including African cichlids.

There is a huge amount of research and scientific planning behind the preparation of these LEDs. They work for long durations and save a lot of energy, in comparison to all other types of lighting.

If lighting is the key factor for you, and you can afford to spend a few bucks, LED lights are something that you should definitely opt for and let go of all other kinds of lights.

LED models are very affordable, yet they provide awesome service to the user for a considerable period of time.

Benefits of installing the best LED Light for a reef tank

Now you must be looking forward to the benefits of LED lights and wondering why you should select them as the lights of choice for your aquarium. Here are some points that will help you understand why:

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and capable of saving as much as 10% of the total energy.

They are cost-effective and an excellent value for your money.

The lifespan of each LED is pretty high compared to all other lighting systems available in the market these days.

LED lights are bright and attractive.

The good quality LED lights can produce light of different intensities and colors, which in turn produces an optimum ambiance for the aquatic growth in your aquarium, whatever its kind and stage of growth.

These lights are not just user-friendly; they are environment-friendly as well. They do not produce any toxic gasses in the process of lighting, thus keeping the general environment and the environment of the aquarium clean and non-toxic.

These lights have been made as water-resistant and compact as possible, making them perfect for use as an aquarium light.

Some automated LEDs also have the ability to figure out the different growth phases of the plants in your aquarium, and can adjust themselves accordingly and produce intensities of only the required wavelength and color.

A number of small LEDs form the whole unit, hence there is no chance that the whole gadget will stop working at the same time.

There are a few minor things lacking in the LED aquarium lights as well, but they can be overlooked if you take into account the immense benefits these lights have to offer.

LED lights are currently the best lighting option available if you wish to grow plants and maintain corals and similar organisms in the aquarium environment. So what are you waiting for?

Features of the Best LED Light for a Reef Tank

Power Consumption

LED lighting uses less power, but you still need to power them. Consider choosing a system designed to use the least amount of power for your particular needs.

Saving on power is the dream of most people who are always looking to brighten their reef tanks without spending extra money on energy.

Installation Process

Not everyone is great at all the technical stuff, so naturally most people want something easy to use. Some manufacturers make it easy for the buyers to install their LED lighting by assembling most of the parts.

All you need to do is simply attach the system to amount and power it. You can search on YouTube and watch videos of people who have installed the same type of LED lighting before.

Ease of Use

If you are one of the less technically inclined, choose a product that is designed to be easy to operate. Some lights might be great in terms of functionality, but if using them is a nightmare, not many people would want them.

Most of the time, you will find that it is lights with the most controls that are the most difficult to handle.

Lighting Capabilities

The lighting capabilities discussed here refer to the type of light you are most likely to get when using the LED lighting. Some of the LED lighting systems will have different channels that can show different colors that you can easily use starting right away.

Some will have controls to help you make some changes to the lighting so that you can experience the best possible lighting, which will help create a better mood in the room and promote the growth of marine life.


The manufacturers will often indicate on the product label its expected durability. You can find some lasting even up to 30,000 hours. You should be able to use such a product for a long time without having to replace it.

The durability is also affected by the type of material used to make the product. Some materials are better for durability while others are less so.


The brand of any product is important to the new owner. Sometimes you might end up having issues with a product, simply it is a brand known for making the worst quality products.

To help you identify the best brands for LED lighting, you need to choose one from the ones mentioned. This should give you a chance to enjoy the product even more.


It is easy to see now that having the Best LED Light For A Reef Tank for  is something that you too could wish for. Well, there is no need to keep on wishing when you can buy one today.

Proceed to check out some of the mentioned aquarium LED lighting products to see which one could provide the Best LED Light For A Reef Tank.

You should still keep in mind some of the considerations still mentioned such as the tank size, power consumption, and many others when making the purchase the Best LED Light For A Reef Tank.

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