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Unquestionably, cleaning your aquarium with the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank should be your top priority in fish keeping.
It is imperative to tidy it quite well in order to effectively impede potential fish health problems in the future.
Besides, a clean fish tank would often have safe and clean water which isn’t only beneficial to your aquarium dwellers but could also make your overall tank look more attractive.

The best HOB filters for fish tanks have gained massive fame over the years.

This is mainly because, as the name indicates, they are a lot easier to set up for you only need to clip the filter onto the rear section of the tank and installation is accomplished. Basically, they are also capable of delivering superior performance.

Evidently, the market is filled with diverse kinds of Hang-On-Back filters; however, not all of them are adept at efficiently delivering what they were designed for. Some of them do not execute a great job at the filtration process.

Fortunately, to assist you pick the most suitable HOB filter for you, start exploring the underscored product reviews below and also make sure to go over the shopping tips and other HOB filter-related information shared in this post.

You only need to delve into this guide and you would certainly end up finding the right one that will work effectively for your fish tank.


5 Best HOB Filters For Reef Tank: The Complete Guide To Hang

On Back Filters

1.  MarineLand Penguin

There is no need to suffer from troubling times shopping for hang on back aquarium filter at present. This model is a good choice that won’t leave you feeling disappointed. It is ideal for tanks containing 70 gallons and comes with a rate of flow of a total of 350 gallons per hour.

You will find that the cartridges are no sweat to remove and replace. In line with this, these BIO-wheels execute sterling job of efficiently clearing away nitrite and ammonia from the tank water. Please take note that the counterbalance is the maintenance that is needed to keep the device operating more efficiently.

Be that as it may, two negative aspects that need to be thoroughly checked if you plan to get this filter for you are its cartridges that need to be changed more frequently which could mean additional cost and it is not powerful enough to ensure great performance for tanks that have more vegetation and fish that produces more waste. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Designed with mid-level adjustable intake strainer
  • Provides uncomplicated three-stage of filtration methods
  • Equipped with 3-phase BIO-wheel filters practical for marine and freshwater tanks
  • Cartridges are convenient and ready to utilized with each filter
  • Includes manual and video installation instructions
  • Cartridges need to be replaced quite often
  • Not powerful enough for tanks with fish producing more waste and lots of vegetation
Overall, what makes this HOB filter quite different from other comparable options is its being equipped with easy to adjust intake strainer. This aids in getting rid of all forms of solid detritus from the tank. It is very useful since it implies that your actual filter media won’t get filthy and used up instantly as it otherwise will. It is budget-friendly so it is a great pick worth considering. This is user-friendly even for beginners too.

2.  Aqua Clear – Fish Tank Filter


Are you hunting for a top quality hang on fish tank filter? If so, you may lessen the burden of your search now and see for yourself how this device can work like a charm in your aquarium needs. It is elating to note that you can consider this filter as one of the great picks to select from.

By and large, this filter can work superbly for smaller tanks. It is untroublesome to maintain and is sterling at taking in loads of water without forming a tidal wave inside the aquarium. It is also equipped with large filter media box where you could add more media, filter floss and other stuff.

However, please note that a couple of downsides that you can encounter once you get this filter for your tank are its noisy impeller and it appears to be susceptible to getting cracked sooner than expected. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Guarantees instant, convenient and easy installation process
  • Volume of filtration is up to seven times bigger than other similar options out there
  • Supported by two-year warranty offer
  • Works adeptly in offering re-filtration system
  • Already includes BioMax and cycle guard, activated carbon as well as foam by Aqua Clear once bought
  • Seem to be prone to getting cracked more easily
  • Impeller tends to produce boisterous sounds
Ultimately, there are a number of impressive features to love about this AquaClear HOB filter. It is capable of moving a lot of water and is not troublesome to clean. This is built with re-filtration system that provides great contact time with filter media. It can ensure continuous biological filtration and high quality water and it is also equipped with energy-efficient pump that considerably aids in reducing operational costs. Best of all, it is a risk-free investment since it is backed up by a two-year warranty offer.

3. Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter


If it is your dream to purchase the best hang on back filter, then this filter can be your most excellent bet. This is specifically designed for marine or freshwater tanks that come with twenty by up to thirty-five gallons in size. As compared to other alternatives, this is reliable in terms of delivering 150 GPH.

Be reminded that when this device is not primed with sufficient water prior to starting it, there is a tendency for it to generate noise. However, once the level of water in the filter is adequate, it works silently. It is excellent at executing its job at keeping the aquarium water clear and safe and is quite quick at removing yellow iron tint in tank water. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

Notwithstanding, this filter is incapable of flowing quite properly as anticipated and the motor and other gears appear to be poorly built. These are a few of the glitches that you need to be cautious of if you purchase this model.

  • Manufactured with Bio-Falls quad filtration system for more efficient filtration
  • Good choice to utilize for both saltwater and freshwater tanks
  • Capable of expelling foul smell, pollutants, toxins, discoloration and chemicals in tank water
  • Built with easy-to-modify flow knob to minimize filtration at feeding periods
  • Equipped with internal sponge intended to maximize good bacteria settlement
  • Does not flow well as expected
  • Motor seems to be poorly made
In a nutshell, this filter is not prone to leaks and come with more space to utilize for your own filter media combo. This means that the unit is big enough to allow generous amount of space for anything you would prefer to add in it. The cartridges are a child’s play to remove and replace and you could easily cut any sponge you would prefer to fit if that is what you decide to do. Its selling cost is much less pricey than a lot of other rival HOBs.

4. Seachem Tidal Power Filters


This HOB power filter is crafted with extra aeration slots situated in the lid and in the outflow section in order to guarantee optimum gas exchange for completely oxygenated water by up to fifty-five gallons. Its auto maintenance alert mechanism is meant to enable users pinpoint when the filter necessitates cleaning or maintenance.

Additionally, the completely removable basket is designed to aid making the cleaning method a less stressing task to manage. The surface skimmer equipped with it aims to captivate hovering detritus underneath the surface like various sorts of pollutants, algae and fish oil.

In like manner, this also comes with a clip that allows users to instantly add a heater to the unit in order to set up the appropriate hub for marine and freshwater fish. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

Even so, this filter is priced more expensively if compared to other available options sold on the market and the skimmer is a little difficult to disable or turn off. Hence, you need to be extra cautious when feeding flakes and hovering food.

  • Constructed with surface skimmer that captivates detritus hovering underneath the surface
  • Specifically crafted with topnotch ventilation slots
  • Designed to have auto maintenance alert mechanism feature
  • Flow regulation, telescoping intake pipe and intake regulation are easy to modify
  • Capable of creating the suitable habitat for marine and freshwater fish
  • Skimmer could not be fully turned off or disabled
  • Comes with more expensive price tag than other competitors
Laid on the line, this hang on filter aquarium feels and looks like something built with premium quality. It is designed with superior media capacity, can ensure silent operation, designed to have dependable self-priming feature and can guarantee greater water flow. It is also quite effortless to lift the internal basket out of the filter while holding the contents. This is completely adjustable and is designed to be used for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

5.  Fluval C Power Filter


This Fluval HOB filter is a worthwhile investment for those who are searching for a reliable and functional hang-on-back filter that is not prone to malfunctioning. It is slightly overpriced; nonetheless, it comes with admirable features that would satisfy your requirements in the long run.

Likewise, this unit comes with a re-filtration system in place in case you seriously necessitate reducing the water flow for the advantage of any plants and your finned friends in the tank that call for a more serene environment.

This device is equipped with a cleaning indicator that specifies the correct period when the polyfoam needs to be thoroughly washed. This is not complicated to put together since it can be installed in a snap and only calls for minimum maintenance. If you hope to ensure a stress-free hub for your aquatic pets, then do not miss this product. It works excellently in sustaining fresh crisp water inside the tank.

If you purchase this filter, take note that this device tends to produce audible sounds that could be disturbing for you and your pet fish and changing the media could get more expensive. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Fast and no trouble to maintain
  • Capable of filtering a total of 264 GPH
  • Features five-phase filtration for tanks that contain between forty by up to seventy gallons of water
  • Comes with clip on filter
  • Superb at offering a stress-free habitat for your pet fish
  • Prone to producing disturbing noise
  • Replacing media can get costly
To wrap things up, this power filter is your best pick if you prefer a device that is capable of producing amazing results to its five-stage filtration system. In point of fact, novice and expert aquarium keepers would find it user-friendly for it can be set up and maintain without much sweat. In addition to this, the media comes with a huge surface area and maximum dwell times in order to guarantee an efficient filtration process.

6. Azoo Mignon 150 Power Filter


Surely, many aquarium keepers prefer the quietest HOB filter and if that is what you are also looking for, then this HOB filter model can keep you satisfied. Besides the fact that it won’t break the bank if you invest in it, this device has lots of stunning features to offer.

This is a duck soup to put together and is quite effortless to maintain. It also comes with modifiable flow valve that is meant to regulate the flow. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

You can also replace the cartridges without any hassle and you will certainly fall in love with its upscale design. It is worthy of every single cent spent for it because it could ensure dependable operation for a very long time.

Two minor gripes that must be looked into if you decide to purchase this filter are its strong flow rate even at its lowest setting that could scare away small fish and it also calls for a little priming if you wish the water to get flowing. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Works reliably, silently and more efficiently
  • Built with awesome hang-on-back design
  • Can be easily managed
  • Ideal pick for tanks containing thirty gallons
  • Capable of guaranteeing dependable operation for a long time
  • Flow rate may be high for small fish like betta
  • Especially requires slight priming to get the water flowing
For the selling cost that this filter has, it is absolutely a great choice for any aquarium lover and fish keeper. This device comes with compact size, not cumbersome to maintain and is sold at a very pocket-friendly cost. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank
Moreover, it executes a superb job of cleaning the aquarium and it also looks fantastic on a tank. This is certified functional and won’t give you a headache as it operates. You and your pet fish would find this a nice addition to your tank.

7. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters


If you are in search of high quality HOB filters for freshwater and saltwater, this device can be your right partner.

This filter is capable of starting up in an automatic mode after tidying or episodes of power interruptions. Aside from three-stage filtration, it could also provide extra assistance with the aid of its specialty filter pad. This unit is also constructed with internal pump deign that considerably aids in restraining noise and getting rid of leaks.

This is a certified practical option for tanks containing twenty gallons of water and it is backed up by a lifetime warranty that makes it a wise investment too. It is built with LED indicator light that flashes during periods when clogged cartridges need to be changes through keeping track of the actual levels of water. Its flow rates ensure well-enhanced health for fish and suitable water circulation.

Still and all, this power filter comes with a few losses of points and these include the poor quality sample filter with each unit that is included in the box once purchased and replacing the filters may mess up the beneficial bacteria colonies. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Does not require manual priming
  • Can offer chemical, biological and mechanical filtration
  • Built with unique internal pump design
  • Supported by lifetime warranty offer
  • Equipped with LED indicator light
  • Replacing filters may rattle beneficial bacteria colonies
  • The included sample filter with each unit comes with cheap quality
To sum up, this filter is the best bang for the money. It is a great device that can help maintain safe, healthy and clear tank water for your finned friends and other living creatures dwelling in the tank. This is reliable in providing protection against leaks and works remarkably in offering superior flow rate for a higher content of oxygen that your pet fish would thank you for.

8. Boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter


If you are fishing for a HOB filter for 10 gallon tank or small tanks, you can give this device a chance to show you how mighty it can be even if it is considered small in size. It is so affordable and is equipped with submersible hanging activated carbon, power waterfall suspension oxygen pump and wall-mounted aquarium filtration water.

This HOB filter comes in compact size and is built using combination of filters and materials. Many aquarium owners prefer its water-fall like quality and its submersible activated carbon filters as well as oxygen pump works as advertised.

It can be mounted on the inside of the aquarium; on the other hand, the carbon and sponge filters are hanged over the surface. This could also be immersed in water if you like. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

Howbeit, this filter can generate loud enough noise than expected and assembling it may require a bit of work.

  • Known for being a three-in-1 multi-function type of filter
  • Built with low-noise motor
  • Can guarantee easy to adjust flow valve
  • Comes with ultra-slim design
  • Helps clear away fish waste and other contaminants
  • Installation may be time-consuming
  • Can produce audible noise contrary to what was advertised
All things considered, this filter is one of a kind. The motor operates silently and comes with a superior suction capability. It is also equipped with pre-filter storage and easy to modify water flow. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank
What sets it apart from other comparable options is its excellence in getting rid of fish waste. It executes virtually everything to sustain a neat and healthy habitat for your aquatic pets. This device also looks attractive when assembled in the tank.

9. Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter


Whether you are investing in a top-rated HOB filter for saltwater or freshwater, what matters the most is ensuring that the device is the most suitable pick that could satisfy the needs of your tank. The good news is that, this filter can handle the needs of large tanks quite well.

What is so interesting about this filter is that it looks trendy and comes in compact size. This could also be positioned to blend aesthetically with any setup. It’s a little pricey, but it is definitely a great addition that would benefit your tank in general.

Please bear in mind that there are a couple of bad marks that go with this HOB filter and these include its tendency to produce intense and annoying noise and it could be quite strong that your tiny fish pets can get scared or disturbed. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

  • Functions superiorly at filtering dirt particles from the tank
  • Built with a spontaneous filtration system
  • Makes use of 2 large-sized carbon filters
  • Ideal option for tanks with a total of 70 gallons water
  • Can be instantly used once unboxed
  • Tends to make extreme and disrupting noise
  • Can be too powerful that could stress tiny aquatic pets
Over and above, this HOB filter is a must-have. Its spontaneous filtration system is really reliable in that it notifies aquarium keepers the present condition of the cartridge. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank
This is also made with Timestrip technology that makes it operate at its best. You can readily use it once unpackaged, you only have to plug it and it would operate outstandingly as it was made for.

10. Aqua-Tech Power Aquarium Filter w/ 3-Step Filtration


This device is especially designed to help get rid of waste, foul smell and discoloration in tank water. Aquarium keepers could completely bank on it because it does well in terms of efficiently enhancing the amount of oxygen on the surface and in increasing the illumination of the fish tank.

Please be reminded that since the water would evaporate in the air in a natural approach, it is highly suggested to inspect the level of water and make sure to replenish the water so you could ensure that the unit operates accordingly.

Tidying this unit is a simple task to handle, you only need to lift the filter boxes, wash thoroughly and properly return to its intended place. It is one of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

A few minor issues that you need to unveil once you bought this filter are its potentiality to produce sudden grinding sounds after a couple of weeks and at first the pump would not prime and you’ll need to wait for a short time for it to do so.

  • Filter boxes are removable to allow effortless cleaning
  • Built with easy to modify water inlet pipe
  • Highly recommended for anyone keeping 20 by up to gallon tanks
  • Can guarantee modifiable rate of flow
  • Certified highly efficient filter
  • Prone to generating unexpected grinding noise after a couple of weeks
  • Pump would not prime at first

What is a HOB Filter?

A hang on back (HOB) filter is a type of filter for your aquarium that hangs on the back wall of your tank.

They are classified as simple external filters. However, they are usually not as bulky as canister filters and can be used in a wider range of tanks.

All the mechanisms, filtering materials and the pump are stored in an enclosed case. They are sometimes referred to as backpack filters, and now you can see where that name comes from.

It works as follows:

  1. A water intake tube carries water (via a nozzle) from the tank to the filter.
  2. Then, inside the case the water is filtered by the sponge or any other material.
  3. Finally, filtered water then goes back into the tank through the chutes, creating a waterfall like flow. This flow helps mix the water more effectively and also helps oxygenate it.

The filtration technique that we described in the example above is used in the majority of HOB Filters and is also known as the waterfall method.

Some have the option to regulate the flow of water, this is ideal for people that find the sound of water pouring into the tank very irritating.

Ultimately, easy maintenance and operation is why they continue to be very popular in the world of fishkeeping.

How to Choose the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank

There are a number of things you need to consider to help you choose the right hang on back filter for your tank setup.

  • Required Flow
  • Media Type
  • Size of Tank

Required Flow

These filters allow you to take control of the water flow. They will usually have an adjustable slider either on the inflow tube or somewhere else on the case.

Normally, flow requirements depend on what type of fish (or other animals) you are keeping.

A good filter should be able to go through all the water in your tank about three or four times in an hour. In other words, a filter with the output of 30 gallons per hour will be ideal for a 9-10-gallon tank.

The filter’s output capability is also important. It’s usually stated as the volume of water filtrated in an hour. This is usually what you will see advertised first on all HOB filters along with the recommended volume.

Media Type

The most common filtering material found is a simple sponge. They are relatively cheap, easy to clean and don’t need changing often.

Other popular filter media types include ceramic rings and bio-media.

To increase the efficiency of filtration you can use sponges covered with activated carbon or other biological compounds.

Most tanks will be fine with just a sponge though.

Size of Tank

Most HOB filters are designed for small aquariums. As you can guess, there is no use for these filters in large reef tanks.

Choosing the right filter for the right volume is very important. Under-filtered tanks will make your fish sick and can result in death.

We have already mentioned the output capability. Make sure this is taken into account when choosing the filter.

How to Set Up and Maintain a HOB Filter

They are easy to set up and operate – there are no complicated instructions or difficult assembling procedures.

Before setting anything up, consider the size of your tank and find the right sized filter. Then you need to decide where you are going to place it. It visually looks much better if you use a colored covering sheet or an aquarium background where the filter is placed.

It shouldn’t take anymore than 5 minutes to set your filter up.

  1. Add the filter media. Some filters have individual baskets which indicate where each type of media should go.
  2. Hang the filter in place. There is usually a cut on your tank lid to indicate where to place the filter. If there is no cut out, you can decide where the filter will go.
  3. Now you should prime the filter. Priming the filter involves manually filling the filter with water, however some filters have a self-priming system too.
  4. Finally, plug the filter in.

In terms of cleaning, these filters don’t need much. The filter should be cleaned as your aquarium starts to get dirty. To do this unplug it, disassemble it and thoroughly clean all the pipes, tubes or chutes.

You should take out the sponge, get rid of anything stuck to it and also rinse it in a bucket of tank water. Whilst the sponge is out you should replace the filter media.

Why Would You Need This Type of Filter?

Choosing a filter is a complex process and even though it may sound like the HOB filter is the right one, there may be other better options. Lets take a look what makes hang on back filters a good choice and where you might use them.

Given their usual size and the fact that they take up next to no space in the tank, these filters are ideal for small aquariums (5-10 gallon).

That is why these filters have become an appealing choice and can be seen in home and professional tanks worldwide.

They are much cheaper than other types of filters, and parts are easily replaced.

Also as the main part of the filter is not immersed in water, it is very easy to clean.

Can You Use a HOB Filter for a Saltwater Tank?

The HOB filter can be used in saltwater tanks.

In smaller saltwater tanks (less than 15 gallons) they can be used as the main filtration system.

However in larger saltwater tanks they will be used secondarily, as support.

What will be different from the freshwater tank is the media type used for filtration. Most saltwater tanks need biological filtration by the environment itself – your filter will provide simple mechanical filtration and take care of the waste removal.

Canister Filter vs HOB Filter

The first difference you will notice between the hang on back filter and the canister filter is the size. The canister filter is an external filtering device and takes up significantly more space, outside the tank. So, the mobile hang on back has an upper hand here if you want a space saving filter.

Which one is more efficient at the actual filtration? This depends on your needs. The size of Canister filters allow you to store more media inside, increasing the effectiveness of biological filtration, whereas HOB filters usually won’t be suitable for larger aquariums.

However, there is no need to purchase a huge external filter if you only have a small aquarium. You will be better off saving money and getting a hang on back filter. Besides, they are much easier to clean, and you won’t have to worry about changing the media as often.

What about the price then? Starting prices for most simple canister filters will be somewhere around $25-$35.

To sum up, they are much better if you have a small tank and don’t need to filter lots of water. They don’t take up much room and are generally quiet – they are ideal for 15 gallon tanks.

Canister filters are a good choice for larger tanks (20+ gallons). Thanks to the size and higher filter capacity, they will be able to handle more waste and larger volumes.

What to Look for When Buying a HOB filter

When getting the right HOB filter for your aquarium, you don’t just buy anything that you come across with. Of course, there are certain features that must be carefully looked into before making the final shopping decision. If you wish to end up feeling grateful for buying the right brand and model for you, it would be practical for you if you would consider the following shopping guides:

What features to search for when getting the most suitable HOB filter for your tank?

  • Filtration Media. This is primarily utilized to effectively clear away dirt particles and detritus from the tank water. Take in mind that having more filter media does not often imply more outstanding filtration- rather it is the kind of media utilized that is more valuable.

In essence, even if a certain model is designed with more filter media than the other, see to it that it makes use of merely the second to none kind and quality of media. Truth is, it is unnecessary to have filters that may not aid with filtration at all.

  • The flow rate. This is generally a very vital deciding factor to mull over specifically when the user is deciding whether or not to utilize a specific model. Be reminded that your particular requirements for a premium quality filter would differ hinging on the size of the tank. It is vital to invest in a model that is capable of delivering a more superior rate of flow so that the filtration could go as instantly as feasible.
  • New Technology. For sure, countless of manufacturers commonly consider including the latest technology into their filters so they can lure consumers to choose them over other options. This is meant to improve the functionality of the device and to make it more effective as compared to other similar models.

That said, you must always take the time to carefully inspect the distinction between models prior to picking which one to invest in.

  • The maintenance of the device. Cleaning and maintenance are unquestionably very vital with any filter. The most valuable to consider are the amount of effort and time you would devote in performing these tasks.

In substance, distinct models come with distinct instructions and methodologies for cleaning, so this clearly conveys the significance of picking a model that would be less burdening to clean and maintain.

  • Brand. You must be well aware of the reality that not all brands would often deliver the superior level of performance and filtration that aquarium owners prefer nowadays. There are a few brands that are popular within the filtration field to be more exceptional as compared to others.

Be sure to search at brands that are known to be trustworthy and have been in the filtration industry for some time now.

Now that you have the most important factors to reckon with when shopping for the right HOB filter for your tank, there is no need to worry about wasting your hard-earned money in a useless device.

What is a hang on back filter? How does it work?

HOB filters are types of filter especially designed for fish tanks that are hanged on the rear wall of the aquarium. In addition to this, these are commonly categorized as simple external filters. Be that as it may, these devices are typically not as heavy as compared to canister filters and could be utilized in a broad array of aquariums.

It is worth noting that the pump, filtering materials as well as all the mechanisms are kept in an embedded case. Indeed, these are at times called as backpack filters- this is obviously where the name was derived.

Hang-On-Back filters function in the following process:

  • A water intake tube displaces water through the aid of a nozzle from the aquarium to the filter.
  • Afterward, within the case, the water is seeped through by the any filter object or sponge.
  • Lastly, the strained water then returns to the aquarium through the channels, forming a waterfall-like type of flow. Such flow aids in mixing the water more efficiently and this also does a good job of oxygenating it.

Please be guided that this method is what nearly all hang-on-back filters utilized and this is also referred to as the waterfall approach. Moreover, a few versions come with options that keep track of the water flow and this is highly suggested for anyone who considers the sound of water streaming into the aquarium very irking.

Virtually, ease of operation as well as maintenance is the reason why HOB filters are quite well-known in the field of aquarium keeping hobby.

What are the different types of HOB filters?

Majority of today’s types of hang-on-back filters combine top quality filtration media, superior filtration capacity and ease of maintenance and operation. These are also designed with a lot of distinct power classes and sizes to perfectly fit the requirements of different fish tank owners.

Hang-on-back filters must have all three forms of media. Even so, it is indispensable to thoroughly check the quality of the included media prior to making the final buying decision. It is highly suggested to opt for a filter that is designed with 1 or 2 media than a type of filter that contains all 3 filtration methods but executes unsatisfactory operation.

By the same token, HOB filters are portable and reasonably priced to the more intricate in-tank type of filters. These are stellar at providing wonderful performance and are compact in size and do not generate more irking noise when operating. They are practical to utilize for small to medium-sized aquariums.

Regardless, for bigger-sized aquariums, it is still suggested to opt for those that are built with more powerful filtration system. Clearly, it is beneficial to select a HOB filter that fits the requirements of your aquarium. And, look into the kinds and quality of filtration media that comes with it, how uncomplicated it is to set up and maintain and the level of noise it generates.

Why do you need a hang on back filter? (Benefits)

It cannot be denied that more and more aquarium hobbyists these days go for HOB filters because they can provide more benefits in the long run. And these perks consist of the following:

  1.  Aside from the reality that HOB filters are not sold so costly, they are perceived as one of the easiest forms of regular filter to utilize. You solely have to install your HOB filter by putting the filter cartridge and intake tube together, hang the filter on the rear wall of the aquarium and you can start to plug it.
  2.  HOB filters are undemanding to maintain. Since the filter media is easy to access, it helps make the cleaning process and replacement task a simpler task to deal with. For a fact, they are designed to make cleaning the filter interior less complicated and it is good to know that there are no intricate methods to break it down.
  3.  These are accessible. Since HOB filters are positioned on the above section of the tank, they are quite easy to reach. These devices do not require being stocked underneath the aquarium or on a separate stand. Also, there is no need to reach into the aquarium.
  4.  Due to the fact that the only immersed section of the filter is the inlet hose, there is no way to disrupt your aquarium dwellers when doing some maintenance work.

In addition to all these, HOB filters serve a vital role when it comes to providing wonderful oxygenation of water as it is seeped through. And, it could also offer all forms of filtration making it an even more cost-effective and practical choice to ponder on.


In summary, as clearly tackled in this article, the best HOB filters are ideal solutions for anyone keeping a small aquarium. Such device does not necessitate high maintenance for it is a piece of cake to set up and are not priced that expensively.

Aside from these, they are also reliable and could be utilized without any issues both by novices and expert aquarists. There are lots of different models out there and many of them are certified user-friendly. You only need to pick those that are designed with advanced technology in mind.

Fundamentally, there is no reason for your pet fish to feel suffocated since the right HOB filter can inhibit this from happening. Majority of the Best Hob Filter For Reef Tank reviewed in this article are capable of delivering the appropriate amount of filtration in order to keep the fish tank water clear, safe and clean.

All you need to ensure is that you select the one that could better handle the size of your fish tank as well as the amount of water in terms of the rate of flow.

To do so, you may consider making careful comparison between diverse models just to ensure that it is what you really seriously require in the end.



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