Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth

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Image result for cichlid foodIt is very essential to know a little bit about how these beautiful fish – cichlids live in the wild especially when you’re looking for the Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth.

Diet is important to all fish but it’s extremely important for cichlids for several reasons.

First, because cichlids should always look and feel their best. Second, because the groupings of cichlids we put together in aquariums don’t always occur in nature.

That means you have to be extra careful to make sure each group gets the food they need.

Some cichlids are primarily herbivores while some are omnivores. While some species are technically predators and will eat other fish, they also won’t pass up some tasty plant-based food as it comes along.

That said, making sure they get of their naturally preferred diet is important. You also have to provide a variety of food that is high in pigments to keep their color vibrant.

Cichlids should get most of the nutrition from cichlid food pellets, which are available from pet and aquarium stores. You should make sure you are using food that is specially formulated for cichlids; avoid feeding goldfish food or tropical fish

Top 10 Best Cichlid Food for Color & Growth (2020 Reviews)

When it comes to choosing the  Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth, there are a few recipes that really stand out above the rest.

These foods are all formulated to give your cichlids the nutritional ingredients that they need to stay healthy, grow strong, and keep their colors vibrant.

1) Tetra 77063 TetraCichlid Floating Pellets

This cichlid food from Tetra is made of a perfectly balanced mix of vitamins, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, and immune system boosters to help your fish grow strong, fight disease, and weather stress. It also enhances color so your fish look as good as they feel.

These flakes are for top and mid-water feeding cichlids and the high-protein, the easy-to-digest formula helps satisfy your fish while also keeping the water cleaner and clearer. They stay together and don’t fall apart when the fish eat them in the water.

TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Pellets provide hearty balanced nutrition for medium, large, top- and mid-water-feeding cichlids.

This scientifically developed protein-rich food maintains vitality and enhances your fish’s natural beauty Features patented health-enhancing ProCare formula to help support your fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life.

Feed two to three times daily only as much as your fish can consume within several minutes. This food will not cloud water when used as directed Cichlids come in many bright and colorful varieties and can grow anywhere from just a few inches to over 3 feet long

These territorial intelligent and highly adaptive fish are constantly engaged in their environment. You’ll always be entertained with cichlids around. This considered the Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth.

2. Omega One Super Color Cichlid Pellets Small Sinking

Omega One pellets have balanced nutrition that not only helps your cichlids thrive, but it also enhances their colors, too.

Plus, they think it’s delicious.

This formula contains higher levels of better quality proteins. Omega-3 and -6 help boost their immune systems and help them live a longer, happier life.

Color enhancers in this food come from the natural pigments in the salmon that’s added to the formula.

These pellets sink and are great for middle to bottom level feeders. One more thing, they were formulated so that they won’t cloud the water.

Delicious recipe of fresh, cold water seafood blended specifically to enhance the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are extremely valuable to freshwater species for strong immune systems and cell wall development. Low ash and higher quality proteins mean less pollution in the tank.

3) Hikari 8.8-Ounce Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets for Pets

These floating pellets from Hikari let you monitor exactly how much your cichlids have eaten. The best feeding pattern for them is to eat smaller amounts more frequently.

By being able to see if anything is left behind, you can better judge if they’re getting the right amount of food. If there is anything left behind, don’t worry – it won’t cloud the water.

One of the great things about this food is the unique blend of nutrients. It’s rich in beta-carotene and NS Germ to bring out the natural bright colors of your fish.

Plus, the high protein levels improve growth rates and stabilized vitamin C boost immune system health and. That’s not all, there’s also vitamin E to increase amino acid levels.

Your fish get a higher feed efficiency with this food than other comparable blends.

Color enhancing, daily diet for all types of cichlids and larger tropical fish. Great for Oscars too. Hikari Cichlid Gold contains special color enhancers designed to bring out the natural beauty and proper form of cichlids and other larger tropical fish.

They utilize the highest grade of ingredients formulated in exacting quantities to produce a food that will bring the brilliant colors of your fish to life.

4) New Life Spectrum Cichlid Sinking Food

Next up is a great blend from New Life Spectrum. This is a highly digestible formula that contains a lot of natural and delicious proteins your cichlids will love.

It includes South Antarctic krill, herring, squid, and mussels.

Because cichlid like variety, there’s also a lot of natural plant ingredients, too. Some of these include seaweed, kelp, algae, as well as a mix of fruits and vegetables like spinach, red cabbage, peas, broccoli, kiwi, and apple, just to name a few.

These all natural ingredients also add color enhancers that bring out the beautiful colors of your fish.

5) Aqueon Cichlid Food Pellets

Aqueon pellets are slow sinking and provide balanced nutrition for your cichlids’ health and to help them look beautiful. It contains all-natural ingredients that even the pickiest cichlid will love, like krill and squid.

In fact, it’s 42% protein which gives your fish the fuel they need to grow strong and healthy.

Another good thing about these pellets is that they don’t contain any artificial colors. While you fish will look bright and gorgeous, all of the enhancement comes from the natural ingredients, which means it’s completely safe for the fish.

Balanced nutrition for daily feeding of all cichlids. Contains premium ingredients such as krill and squid-even the most finicky cichlid will find it hard to turn away.

Aqueon foods were developed with premium ingredients and unique formulas to keep fish healthy and energetic. Aqueon foods contain only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors.

The colors of the foods are attributed to the actual ingredients in the formula, and help to bring out the natural colors in your fish.

6) Cobalt Aquatics Tropical Fish Food

Formulated for specific diet requirements of cichlids. Nutritionally balanced for consistent growth, palatability and beautiful color.

It Includes cobalt’s Blue flakes, which help support a healthy digestive and immune system and keep fish in top shape and color.

Also Packed with probiotics in the form of bacillus sp. Bacteria, which support a healthy digestive system.

The scientific advancements of probiotics coupled together with a solid nutritional base, makes Cobalt flake foods The most advanced Nutrition available!

Will not cloud water – a cleaner diet results in less waste for a cleaner aquarium. it is one of the Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth.

7) Seachem Nutridiet Cichlid Flakes with Probiotics 30g/ 1 oz

This food is Fortified with garlic Guard, chlorella, and vitamin C for enhanced health and vitality

It is High in marine protein and a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals and Premium and nutritionally balanced

Also, It contains only the highest quality ingredients without low nutritional value fillers

8) Northfin Food Cichlid Formula 2Mm Pellet

NorthFin’s Cichlid formula is specifically made to enhance the fishes’ well being and colors naturally.

Without the use of unnecessary color additives or fillers, your cichlids are able to easily digest and absorb more nutrients. This allows your fish to obtain their full color spectrum naturally.

Having healthy cichlids means plenty of bright aquatic action in your tank.

9) AF Ultra Cichlid GRO Flakes – Aquatic Foods Premium Tropical Fish Flakes

Cichlid Gro Ultra Flakes are for all types of tropical fish. Formulated for a variety of different fish, Special Blend of Cichlid Green, Cichlid Red, Vegetable, Spirulina, Color Brightner, Vitamin Booster, Brine Shrimp & 45% Blackworm Flakes

Manufactured in the USA using high quality ingredients grown and processed in the USA.

Ingredients: Salmon Fish Meal, Dried Yeast, Soy Flour, Shrimp Meal, Freeze Dried Plankton, Freeze Dried Krill, Dried Spirulina, Dried Kelp, Fish Oil, Lecithin & Dried Brine Shrimp, Egg Powder, Garlic Powder, Earthworm Powder. Vitamin Supplements: A, D-3, B1, B12 & Biotin, Stabilized Vitamin “C”

10) Floating Koi & Pond Food, Africans,Cichlids, All Tropicals


This food composes of 1/8″ 40% Spirulina Floating Pellets. It is Great for Koi, Pond Fish, African Cichlids, All Cichlids & All Tropicals.

Apx Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 33.0%, Crude Fat Min. 3.5%, Crude Fiber Max. 3.%, Moisture Min. 10.%

Ingredients: Fish meal, Spirulina, advanced wheat flour, shrimp meal, brine shrimp, kelp, krill, deep-sea fish oil, yeast meal, rose algae, astacin, wheat germ, stable multi-vitamins, multi-minerals,etc.



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What is the Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth?

Tetra TetraCichlid Balanced Diet Flakes Food is the best food for cichlids. This scientifically formulated blend is high in protein and packed with vitamins and nutrients for a long, healthy life.

Plus, it has Omega-3 fatty acids for energy and growth and Biotin to keep up a healthy metabolism. It also enhances the natural colors of your fish.

These flakes are for the top to mid-water feeding cichlids and stay together even when the fish are gobbling them down. That means cleaner, clearer water so your fish can continue to thrive.

How often to feed cichlids?

It’s recommended that you feed your cichlids 2 to 3 times a day. The rule is to feed them as much as they can eat in about 2 minutes without leaving anything behind. It’s still very important not to overfeed them.

Your cichlids should always appear to be hungry when it’s time to eat. In other words, if they aren’t excited by the food and trying to eat as much as they can, something could be wrong. Either you’re overfeeding them or they may be unwell.

In addition to nutrition, another important reason to make sure you use the proper feeding schedule is to control aggression. In nature, cichlids are competitive about food because they live in relatively dense areas where it is not always abundant.

By giving them a good supply of food in your tank, you can eliminate any tension among your fish.

How much food to feed cichlids?

As we mentioned, cichlids should be fed small amounts, 2 to 3 times a day. This is the best way to match their natural eating patterns. There’s no set amount, really, just give them enough food so they eat steadily for 1 to 2 minutes.

The way you can judge if they’re getting too much is if they leave a lot of food behind after this time period is up.

Cichlids come in a lot of different varieties. Some are primarily herbivores but eat some small invertebrates. Others eat organic materials and some are predatory and don’t eat many plants at all.

That’s why the recipes for these foods are so varied and contain a little bit of everything. The majority of them is comprised of protein but there are fruits, vegetables, and marine plant life included in the mix as well.

If you have a mix in your tank, you have to make sure you give everyone what they want. Most of these foods will work since the recipes are so inclusive. That said, you should treat your cichlids every once in a while depending on the diet they eat in the wild.

For example, brine shrimp and bloodworms are a good treat for carnivores while herbivores love some spinach or lettuce every so often.

How to feed cichlids while on vacation?

Healthy cichlids can go about 7 to 10 days without food. So, if you’re going to be gone for a long weekend or about a week, you don’t need to worry about it. Some people fast their cichlids occasionally, usually on days when it’s time to change the water and clean the tank.

Just make sure that they’ve eaten in the days leading up to your trip and they’ll be okay for a short period of time.

For longer vacations, it gets a little trickier. One option is to have someone pet sit for you. Ask a friend or family member who you trust to come to your home to feed your cichlid for you.

Make sure you write out clear instructions, especially if you plan on adding in special treats to their diet while you’re gone. It might also be a good idea to have the pet sitter observe you doing a feed or two in order to show them how to judge when the fish have eaten enough.

You can extend the time needed between feeds by lowering the temperature of the tank a few degrees. This will slow the cichlids’ metabolism a bit so they don’t need as much energy.

Another thing you can do to manipulate the environment is set the aquarium lights on a timed schedule so that the daylight period is a little shorter. They typically don’t eat at night so it will be easier for them to adjust.

Automatic feeders are another option. You’ll have to make sure that it can cover the whole amount of time you’ll be gone. Some higher quality feeders can be programmed to dispense food for up to 2 weeks.

Vacation feeders are sometimes used with other fish. These are essentially large blocks of food that slowly disintegrate over time so dispense food slowly. This is not a good option for cichlids. First of all, what’s available might not be what your fish are used to eating.

If they don’t like it, it will just end up contaminating the water while you’re gone. Secondly, cichlids are a little greedy. If they do like it, they’re likely to eat as much as they can as quickly as they can which can make them sick and won’t sustain them through a long absence.

What foods can you feed cichlids?

We’ve touched on this a little already, but there are some things you can feed your cichlids right from your own kitchen or garden. This is the perfect way to give your cichlid an extra treat for a special occasion.

Green vegetables are great for some varieties. Broccoli, spinach, peas, and cucumbers are all good choices as they somewhat replace the natural green algae that they would get in the wild. Finely chop them or blend them.

You can even freeze them into ice cubes for a quick and easy way to give your cichlids a treat. Cucumber should be weighed down so it sits on the bottom of the tank. You can even finely chop garlic and add it in with the other veggie blends.

Use meats with caution, feeding it to your fish only once or twice a week to avoid digestion problems. Prawns and brine shrimp are great choices for some breeds. Before you introduce any meat, make sure you know the kind of cichlid you have and whether or not they’re a meat eater.

Foods like these should only be used as supplements to the cichlid food you’re using. The recipes that were developed to make the best cichlid foods were carefully put together and provide all the essentials they need. Additional foods should only be used as an occasional treat.

How much should you feed cichlids?

If a fish is hungry, it will be more aggressive. Therefore, we usually recommend that you feed your Cichlids 2-3 times per day (about as much as they can consume in a minute or two, leaving nothing left), although occasionally it is good to give your fish a “day-off” by fasting them for a day.

Why are my cichlids always hungry?

Your cichlids should always appear HUNGRY. African cichlids will gorge themselves in captivity, which is carried over from their feeding behavior in the wild. Let me explain. In nature, most cichlids rely heavily on foods with lots of fiber, such as blue-green algae and organic detritus.


When choosing the Best Cichlid Food For Color And Growth, it’s really important that you know the variety of cichlid you have very well.

Do your research so you know exactly what your fish needs. What’s good for a carnivore isn’t always the best for a cichlid with a plant-based diet. This is most important when you’re adding supplemental greens and meats.

All of these food options are well-rounded and provide your fish with the specific nutrients they need to thrive. The natural ingredients also contain just what the cichlids need to have the most vibrant colors possible.

Remember, research the cichlid you have to make sure you know what the specific dietary requirements are before you decide on a diet. That’s really the best way to keep your tank happy and healthy.

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