Best Aquarium Water Pumps

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Image result for aquarium water pumpChoosing the best aquarium water pumps for any aquarium is important to help in providing your fish with an exceptional environment to live in.

Because your fish spend every day in the same tank and are exposed to the same water daily.

You need the best aquarium water pumps you can find to keep the water moving throughout their tank and reduce the chance of algae and bacteria growth and build-up of harmful residues along with the tank.

These hazards need to be taken care of to ensure that your fish get the most natural and clean environment that they can thrive in.

How to Choose The Best Aquarium Water Pumps ?

When choosing the best aquarium water pumps, you need to think about what functions your fish need in your tank.

Water pumps are used for different reasons, like draining and filling your tank, moving water through the tank’s filtering system, and can even be used to make waves in your tank to keep everything moving nicely for the fish.

Once you decide which features you need in your aquarium, you can move onto other details of the pump.

Also, You need to factor the size of your tank and amount of water you need pumped before choosing a water pump.

Generally speaking, your water pump should be able to rotate the water in your tank about five times in an hour.

This means that if you have 10 gallons of water in your tank, your water pump should ideally perform at a minimum rate of 50 GPH to ensure efficiency and thoroughness cleaning.

You can also decide if you prefer an in-line or submersible pump for your water tank.

In-line pumps are external pumps outside of the water, while submersible pumps function underwater in the sump of your filter. Thinking of these qualities beforehand is essential to finding a good water pump.

Finding the best aquarium water pumps that meets all of your needs can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the aquarium world.

Luckily, the review of the best aquarium water pumps below has taken a lot of the guesswork and research out of finding the best & quietest water pumps (submersible water pumps) on the market today.

        10 Best Aquarium Water Pumps: (2020 Reviews & Guide)


1. KEDSUM Submersible Ultra Quiet Water Pump

KEDSUM Submersible Ultra Quiet Water Pump


First, we’ll take a look at the KEDSUM submersible water pump. This pump is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks and can be installed with suction cups vertically or horizontally on the sides of the tank or walls of the pond.

This pump definitely packs a punch despite its small size, as it functions at a powerful rate of 660 GPH or 3,000 liters an hour. The KEDSUM water pump is also very energy-efficient and is ideal for tanks and ponds because it can be easily hidden or placed out of site due to its small size.

The only thing going against the KEDSUM water pump is the fact that it may not be suitable for the sensitive fish in your tank or pond because it requires a little lubrication to function properly.

If your fish are still very young or are just more sensitive naturally, you may want to keep an eye on them during the first couple of days of using this water pump.


  • Quiet operation
  • Can be installed quickly both vertically and horizontally
  • Energy-conserving


  • Inner shaft of pump needs lubrication; not suitable for sensitive fish
  • Needs maintenance from time to time

2. Homasy Upgraded Submersible Water Pump

Homasy Upgraded Submersible Water Pump

Next, we have the Homasy submersible water pump. This pump is also very powerful and runs at a great rate of 400 GPH.

It’s suitable for use in tanks, fountains, and spouts and hydroponic systems. It also comes with a warranty of 12 months in case you find something out of order.

The Homasy water pump is a good choice if you’re looking for a pump that works well, even in low water amounts. It can run up to 48 hours with dry burning, so you don’t have to worry about your pump malfunctioning if you’re gone for a few days and can’t add more water to the system.

The problem with the Homasy water pump is that it can easily get clogged or blocked by large debris, which why it’s necessary to detach and clean the shafts and filter once every month. The pump also uses less power to push the water, making for weaker flow and currents.


  • Dry burning capacity
  • Warranty included


  • Requires maintenance every month
  • Weaker power in pumping

3. Simple Deluxe 1056 GPH Submersible Pump with 15′ Cord, Water Pump for Fish Tank

Submersible deluxe pump has a Pre-filter on the intake that prevents debris from entering your pump and extend the life of your pump, Max flow rate: 1056 GPH, Max Lift Height 12ft

The Polished Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Impeller Shaft insures long pump life because it is non-corrodible and more than 3 times as hard as stainless steel. Epoxy Resin Encasement of key internal motor components prevents unwanted conductivity and corrosion of metal parts

It is Safe for fish with no exposed copper. Easy to clean with no tools required to disassemble and clean filter/impeller. The Electric Cord is waterproof, 18# gauge copper wire, molded plug with ground, heavy duty flexible vinyl jacket, resists oil/grease/moisture, abrasion resistant and very good flexibility at all temperatures

This water pump easily Circulates and aerates the water, making it more attractive to your fish or turtles. This submersible pump is perfect for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems

4. VicTsing Submersible Water Pump For Aquarium

VicTsing Submersible Water Pump For Aquarium

The VicTsing submersible water pump is also a good contender for an aquarium pump. This pump offers more customization to how much pressure you want to have in your water flow through the filter. There’s an easy-to-use turning knob that lets you control the water flow.

The VicTsing water pump is also very small and easy to conceal in your aquarium, and operates very quietly, adding to the easy-to-hide nature of the water pump. It’s a good pump to start off with if you have a small tank because it’s simple to install and understand its functions.

It’s important to mention that the VicTsing water pump has a low rate of 80 GPH, so if you have a larger fish tank, this may not be the right pump for you.

It also requires maintenance every month, so that’s an important thing to consider if you’re busy and don’t have extra time to clean the pump.


  • Very small design, easy to conceal
  • Simple design makes it ideal for new fish owners
  • Controllable water flow function


  • Low GPH rate
  • Monthly maintenance

5. Tiger Pumps Submersible Water Aquarium Pump

Tiger Pumps Submersible Water Aquarium Pump

Next up is the Tiger Pumps submersible water pump. This pump is designed to work well underwater and can be placed vertically or horizontally on your tank.

It’s got a pretty good pumping rate at around 120 GPH and is easy to install and detach when it comes time to clean the filter and shafts.

A big plus for the Tiger Pumps water pump is that it comes with a money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work out for you, you can get a full refund for your money.

The Tiger Pumps water pump makes a good addition to any pond or aquarium, but as with a lot of the pumps mentioned, it requires monthly maintenance. That can be a drag if you don’t have the time to clean the pump every month but is otherwise expected.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Good flow rate


  • Monthly maintenance
  • No dry burning function despite good flow rate

6. FREESEA Submersible Water Pump

FREESEA Submersible Water Pump

Coming in with an extremely powerful flow rate of 660 GPH is the FREESEA submersible water pump. This pump may be small, but it definitely has the power and functionality of any larger pump with its GPH rate.

It’s perfect for use in all types of settings, whether that’s a tank or a pond.

Because it has bottom suction training, the FREESEA submersible water pump is very easily submersible and can attach to nearly any surface. On top of that, it’s backed by a reliable 12-month warranty, so you can always fall back on that if you find a defect or problem of some sort.

While the FREESEA submersible water pump has a lot of offer, it’s still important to consider that it won’t function well at all if it’s running dry.

You really have to be careful to include enough water for this pump, or else it doesn’t function nearly as well as it’s supposed to. It’s important to have enough water to run with any pump, but more so for this one.


  • Very strong GPH rate
  • Comes with warranty
  • Bottom suction


  • Running dry or with too little water highly not recommended

7. Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 1110 GPH

Active Aqua submersible pumps from Hydrofarm are the ideal water pumps to place at the heart of any hydroponic system. Each pump’s powerful mag drive construction includes removable foam filters, impellers, rubber mounting feet to reduce vibration, and a six-foot heavy-duty power cord.

The 1110 gallons per hour Active Aqua Pump was built to go below the waterline! Active Aqua’s entire collection of pumps complete any grow setup, built for hydroponic systems, you can’t beat the submersible line.

All of Active Aqua’s submersible water pumps include multiple hose fittings so you get an exact fit every time. Each water pump’s poweful mag drive construction includes removeable foam filters, impellers, rubber mounting feet to reduce vibration, and a 10-foot heavy duty power cord. Adjust the pump’s flow to get things moving at your preferred rate. .

8. Uniclife Submersible Water Pump

Uniclife Submersible Water Pump

Last, but not least, there’s the Uniclife submersible water pump. This water pump functions at a good maximum rate of 400 GPH.

It’s very versatile in its uses and works well in both indoor and outdoor settings, such as tanks, ponds, fountains, and other hydroponic systems.

The Uniclife water pump is very user-friendly, with easy to install and detach headings, as well as easy-to-understand instructions for cleaning and maintenance and controllable water flow.

This pump is another one of those pumps that just can’t function without the right amount of water. Dry running this pump can cause early malfunctioning, and reduce the lifespan of the product.

If you travel often or aren’t home to oversee your water pump much, consider a different product that can still take the brunt of running dry.


  • Quiet design
  • Controllable water flow
  • User-friendly


  • Not good with dry running
  • Needs routine maintenance

9. VIVOSUN Air Pump 1110 GPH 8 Outlet 50W 70L

The case is made of high-quality ZL 102 aluminum alloy with radiation fins.heat-dissipation is more effective.Note: The aluminum manifold would get hot from high air pressure, it’s common that the air pump runs hot

It is Driven by electromagnetic motor, adopts straight-line reciprocal motion to produce air and more reasonable in structure (Pressure>0.03Mpa;Output:70L/min;Max Flow: 1110 GPH)

The pump Adopts SF new-type wear-resistant material for the cylinder and piston,which is of low power consumption

Also, this water pump has Oil-less lubricated design, the compressed air is purified.Ideal to provide oxygen in aqariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems with 8 outlets

This pump hasConstant temperature and pressure operation to ensure reliable performance.

10. Hygger 215-1060 GPH Submersible Aquarium Water Pump 

 Hygger Submersible Water Pump is a multi-functional pump in terms of aquarium cleaning water change, water circulation, transferring water and powering fountain waterfall

This pump is Easy to use, simply plug in power for quick water draining, this bottom intake pump can remove water level down to 1/4″ and suck out 1/5″ debris and fish waste with ease

Also, This aquarium pump shuts itself off when the protection circuit gets hot. And it runs again once it cool down (It is not auto shut off. You need to turn it off when not in use.)

It Provides efficient, instant water flow, power: 40W, Maximum flow rate: 400 GPH; Max Lift Height: 7.3ft (power cord’s length: 6ft), Presented three different sizes of barb fittings for desired water flow: 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″(PS: Hose is not included)

The pump is Ideal for saltwater and freshwater aquariums, ponds, gardens, fountains, bird bathes and hydroponics up to 65 gallon


My Pick

From all of these good options for water pumps, there is one that stands out the most among the others for its excellent features and great design. The KEDSUM water pump takes the cake for having the quietest water pump from the bunch.

Not only that, but it also has a very powerful GPH rate, something that’s ideal for bigger tanks and ponds, and can be used for more than just filtering.

The KEDSUM water pump is also great because it’s energy-efficient, and who doesn’t want to save some money from lower energy consumption rates?

All in all, the KEDSUM water pump has a lot to offer and makes for a water pump that delivers good performance with a quiet, seamless design.

How Does an Aquarium Water Pump Work?

Now that you’ve found a good starting point for what to look for in a water pump, it’s a good idea to understand just how your water pump works. Exactly how your water pump functions depend on the type of pump you have.

Generally speaking, all water pumps have the main function of getting water in and out of the tank’s filtration system. This can be done magnetically, with the air force, with propellers, or with the use of rollers.

The components of your water pump work to create pressure that pushes the water through the filter, as well as create a pulling force to extract it back out.

If your pump is working well, it should be able to complete this process with all of the water in your tank several times an hour.

Where Do I Put the Water Pump in My Aquarium?

Where you put your water pump in your aquarium depends on what kind of pump it is.

If you use a submersible water pump, you can attach it anywhere in your water supply, as long as it’s completely underwater. Because these types of pumps utilize suction cups, you can pretty much put it anywhere the suction cup holds and can remain submerged.

For in-line or external pumps, you have to keep your pump dry and out of the water for it to work properly. An in-line pump oftentimes requires extra installation services because it needs to be installed out of the water without the use of suction cups, as is done with submersible water pumps.

In-line pumps can also be installed by drilling a hole into your main filter sump, allowing the systems to connect, yet still function independently. You can utilize the services of an installation technician to get the best idea of where to place your in-line pump if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

How Do I Install the Aquarium Water Pump?

This leads to the topic of how exactly to install your aquarium water pump. Again, this depends on the type of water pump you have.

Submersible water pumps are pretty easy to install because you just have to stick the suction cups to an area capable of holding them. These should keep the water pump submerged and in place, and once your suction cups hold, your water pump has been installed!

As far as external water pumps go, you need to find a place to securely attach your water pump so that it doesn’t come in contact with any water.

You can do this by installing a priming pot and a pump box near the water. Alternatively, you can install the pump directly into the filtering system by drilling a hole into the sump filter if you’re experienced.

If all else fails, you can recruit an installation technician, especially for bigger filters that require more groundwork, to perform this service for you. Unless you have a huge body of water you’re trying to filter, your technician can complete this service for you within a day or two.


Keeping the water your fish live in clean is the number one way of keeping them healthy. Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in a good water filter, as well as a few good contenders and how/where to install them, you’re on track to get your own water pump that meets your needs, and ultimately, give your fish the best environment possible.

If you keep the water clean and provide your fish with a nutritious diet, chances are that your friends have a long and carefree life ahead of them. It all starts with the water pump, and the love and time you put into caring for them.

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