Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner And Algae Scrapper

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Tired of sticking your whole arm into the tank to clean the glass? Then selecting the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper totally solves this problem.

This device helps the water in the aquarium tank to stay clean, free from debris, waste and growths of algae.

One of the best part of being a fish keeper is undoubtedly the aesthetics of keeping an aquarium – of being able to look through the glass and enjoy the sight of your fish, plants and ornaments living together harmoniously.

When the aquaria life is maintained correctly, living will be enjoyable for the aquatic organism. The fishes get a chance at long-term survival by being healthy, and this feat can be adequately achieved by getting the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper for your tank.

But, however to keep your fish tank clean and your fish healthy, there’s one thing likely to always be standing in your way: algae

Algae will cover everything in your tank; from the gravel substrate to the aquarium walls, to ornaments. It can make a tank look dirty and certainly detracts from the sight of your beautifully designed aquarium.

The best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper is not just for the support of life in the aquarium, whether freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium, but it will also help your aquatic friends attain fresh water that will let the animals live freely and live bigger.

Identifying the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper that will give the appropriate solutions and remarkably handle the affairs of the water in the tank is very important for you.

Thankfully, algae can easily be controlled, and there are a variety of tools that have been specifically designed to help you easily and effectively remove it from your glass or acrylic tank.

We will be looking at the aquarium tools available for cleaning the inside of your aquarium walls, divided into two classes: aquarium glass cleaner and aquarium algae scrapper.

They help in removing dirt and algae, without damaging your tank. Then discuss and make recommendations for both the best aquarium glass cleaner, and the best algae scraper.

You need not to worry about knowing how to choose the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper,because we have compiled a list of the best products in the market.

After going through this article you will be able to make the right choice for your aquarium tanks.


Choosing the Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner and Algae Scrapper for your aquarium tanks

There are set guidelines that you should consider when selecting the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae cleaner for your aquarium tank.

Brand: it is essential to check the brand of the product you are buying because there are brands that have a reputation for quality in the market.

Reviews: what other consumers of the product are saying can really steer your decision making when buying your filter pad.

Quality: you should have a specific want and need regarding quality and functions you want from the type of filter pad you are getting.

Having known this, you should look out for these qualities when buying your product.

Top 20 Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner And Algae Scrapper in 2020

1)FL!PPER 2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner

FLIPPER cleaner is considered one of the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper in the market.

Flipper is made with the strongest rare earth magnets available, allowing it to clean glass and acrylic tanks up to 1/2″ (12mm) in thickness.

Its unique design almost completely eliminates the possibility of trapping sand particles!

With an ultra-low profile, Flipper is the only dual scrubber / scraper design on the market, it is a major time-saver for daily cleaning.

That’s why the Flipper has quickly become a “must-have” cleaning tool for advanced hobbyists and maintenance professionals.


  • Made with rare earth magnets for incredible cleaning strength and durability. Cleans even the most stubborn coraline algae.
  • Blade side has only 3 contact points resulting in a 3mm gap between the cleaner and the glass. This minimizes the chance of trapping sand, and reduces the chance of scratching, even when cleaning below the sand.
  • Unique orienting buoyancy always keeps the magnets facing the glass for easy retrieval. Also, Flipper is nearly neutral buoyancy so it does not sink like a stone if the magnets are disengaged.
  • Includes (2) replaceable blades: Stainless Steel for glass tanks and ABS plastic for acrylic tanks. It is suggested to replace blades every 3-6 months to maintain optimal algae scraping.
  • Designed for Glass and Acrylic Tanks Up to 1/2″ (12mm) Thick
API ALGAE SCRAPER GLASS uses an extra-long, extra-strong handle with durable scrubbing pad for easy cleaning in glass aquariums.
This cleaner is considered one of the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper in the market.
It removes unsightly algae quickly and effectively, with extra-long handle to prevent hands from getting wet. Not for use on acrylic or plexiglass. It should not be used on dry surfaces.
With API Aquarium products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium.They work to provide a safe, hospitable environment for fish such as tropical community fish, cichlids, goldfish and more.
With API, you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your tank. Make sure to use all products as directed in order to ensure the best results.
  • Contains one (1) API ALGAE SCRAPER For Glass Aquariums 1-Count Container
  • Extra long and extra strong scraper for glass aquariums.
  • Quickly removed unsightly algae.
  • Extra-long handle keeps your hand from getting wet and supports durable scrubbing pad.
  • For use in glass aquariums only. Not for use on acrylic, plexiglass, or any surface other than glass. Do not use on dry surfaces. Rinse pad with tap water before and after each use.


3) QANVEE Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Scraper 

Pro aquarium scraper is produced for you to easily clean your fish tank without getting your hands wet.
This scrapper is for both freshwater and saltwater tank and comes with protection cover for blades and  2.5”(64mm)wider razor blade.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Pro Aquarium scraper with wide razor blade slides everything off your glass tank with ease,Could be used as gravel spatula with protection cover on
  • GLASS FRIENDLY: Soft and sharp blade,Won’t be able to scratch your precious glass tank
  • STRONG AND HANDY: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy long handle and ABS plastic for the head makes it strong and light weight,very handy to use
  • LENGTH ADJUSTABLE: 26-Inch metal handle with comfort grip is configurable into different lengths:15-20-26Inch,Suit for small to large tanks

4) Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Glass Algae Cleaner 

This product has a good absorption ability and powerful magnetic attraction. As you move the outer magnet, the inside magnet follows,hence cleans the glass.

The inside brush will not sink into the farthest depths of fish tank as it is floating. Super strong magnets for use with varying glass thicknesses. It Floats avoiding lost magnets on the bottom of your aquarium.

It has Anti Scratch cleaning pads that are highly efficient in removing algae from glass and a Non slip griped handle improving cleaning action. This cleaner is produced with Plastic and high magnet material.


  • Clean algae and scum off of the inside of your aquarium the easy, fun way!
  • Strong magnetic forces cause the inside cleaning brush to follow the outside handle. Just wipe the outside, and the inside is cleaned.
  • The inside piece floats, so if it becomes separated from the outside piece, it’s easy to retrieve.
  • Simply drag the no-scratch, felt-lined handle and inside your aquarium, the scrubber follows, cleaning as it goes
  • It is made for common glass fish tank and not for acrylic and low iron glass. You are advised  to Please choose the size by the thickness of your fish tank glass.

5)KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Glass Cleaner 

KASAN algae scrapper is designed to effectively clean the algae in the aquarium without fear of soiling the hands. It has super suction adsorption is not afraid of falling,  which makes it easier to clean the fish tank

Instructions:When using it for the first time, first place the base of the magnetic brush in the aquarium against the glass, then hold the upper part of the magnetic brush gently near the aquarium.This is not afraid of hitting the fish tank.because the magnetic force is too big.

6)Penn Plax WZ20 Wizard Glass Aquarium Algae Scraper and Scrubber 


The Penn Plax Wizard Scraper is perfect for the cleaning of your tank, be it routine or special heavy duty cleaning. The scraper and scrubber will remove the algae and mineral deposits from your tank easily, without scratching your glass. It extends to 27 inches long.

This cleaning tool is considered one of the best aquarium glass cleaner and algae scrapper in the market.


  • PERFECT FOR AQUARIUM CLEANING AND MAINTENENACE: the Penn Plax Wizard Scraper and Scrubber will remove algae and mineral deposits from the walls of your tank
  • EXPANDS TO 27 INCHES LONG: helps to keep your hands dry while still reaching all the hard-to-get spots in your aquarium
  • STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER: cleans off the heavy algae and mineral deposits, while the sponge cleans off new algae growth.

7)Hygger Aquarium Strong Magnetic Cleaner 

Hygger strong magnet cleaner is a convenient tool to help you to clean aquarium without getting your hands wet, making a big mess or getting water everywhere. Great weekly magnet to clean alge!


  • Made of rare earth magnet, it carries so strong magnet that it will attached on the fish tank firmly and securely.
  • The internal velcro-like scrubbing pad scrapes off tough stuff as move grip around the outside of the tank.
  • Once detach from the external grip, the internal pad floats on the surface for easily retrieve.
  • Comes with two different blades to remove tough stuff, plastic blade and metal blade.
  • Magnetic cleaner will attached on the tank when not use it and ready to go anytime.
  • Strong Magnet Cleaner: This magnet cleaner carries so strong magnetism that it sticks tightly on the glass not fall off. Caution: due to the strong magnetism, careful handing required
  • Appealing Woodlike Finish Grip: This smooth, curved wood-like finish grip is ergonomically designed so it’s comfortable to use and visually appealing to the eye.
  • Float Design: Once take down the external grip, the internal cleaner floats on the surface of aquarium which you can fetch it without getting your hands wet
  • Buy 1 get 2 blades: aquarium magnetic cleaner comes with two blades, one is metal and the other is plastic. Easy to install. Do the cleaning effectively and effortlessly
  • For Glass Tanks: Hygger magnetic cleaner is only meant for glass tanks up to 3/8″ – 3/5″ thickness, recommend for 55 gallon to 150 gallon aquariums.

8)Hygger Carbon Fiber 6 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tool Kit 

This multi-purpose cleaning tool kit serves the purpose of cleaning, keeping your tank crystal clean, providing a health living environment for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

This clean set stands out from other brand cleaning tool carrying with below features:

  • Made of premium material that is handy and long lasting, no flexing
  • Special snap closure attaches attachment tightly, so it won’t drop into water bottom
  • Smart design with tiny hole of the pole avoids water go into it and cause mess -scraper is non-detachable, comes with a cover to protect hands from getting hurt
  • hygger 6-in-1 cleaning tool kit helps to keep tank neat and clean without getting hands wet. Made to last long time and makes cleaning the tank a breeze
  • Aquarium cleaning tool kit includes a telescoping handle, 1 gravel rake, 1 metal blade, 1 flat sponge cleaner, 1 right-angle sponge, 1 tube brush and 1 fish net
  • Stainless steel scraper attachment for cleaning tough stuff, tube brush for cleaning pipe, gravel rake for raking and cleaning gravel, flat sponge for substrate and glass cleaning, right-angle sponge fits into hard-to-reach corners for complete cleaning
  • Telescopic handle: Premium carbon fiber composite construction, it can be extends from 19.7 inch to 35.4 inch which is long enough to clean up to 2.65 ft depth tank. Threads together with extension tightly no flexing, it can keeps water from go into pole
  • Designed with special snap closure, attachments will sit tightly on rod firmly and securely. Ideal for cleaning home aquarium.
  • Razor blade is made of stainless steel, anti-rust can be used at saltwater, is thicker than normal blade
  • 6 multi-purpose tools allows you clean fish tank like a breeze


9)Saim Aquarium Algae Cleaning Magnet Glass Aquarium Cleaner


This cleaning magnet brush is great solution for your glass or acrylic aquarium clean job.


  • This magnetic brush can be used on glass tanks up to 0.20″ – 0.79″ (5 – 20 mm) thickness
  • Perfect design that flips from scrubber to scraper.
  • Complete cleaning without using extra hand.
  • Blades can be assembled easily.


10)KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner

KEDSUM Floating Aquarium Magnet Fish Tank Cleaner is a revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking.

The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily clean the glass.

Before you use this product read these instructions:

  • When the scraper arrive the bottom of fish tank, be careful not to carry with sand to avoid scratching the glass.
  • Please keep the fish tank glass cleaner away from the high temperature place, as you know high temperature will eliminate the magnetism. Please stay away from all kinds of fear of magnetic products, like monitors, televisions, watches, magnetic cards, etc.
  • This product is not suitable for those who installed a pacemaker as its strong magnetic force, and 10-year-old children as well, to protect hands from pinch.
  • Please do not put the cleaner into the seawater for a long time to avoid being corroded when not in use.
  • Please choose the size by the thickness of your fish tank glass, otherwise it will result in poor cleaning or scratching your glass.
  • For better cleaning of the glass, use it in the tank of water.

Features of the various components of KEDSUM Floating Aquarium Magnet Fish Tank Cleaner

  • COMPACT: KEDSUM 5.3″ magnet aquarium cleaner can handle for 1/2″ – 4/5″(12mm-20mm) thickness of glass, compact and ideal for medium glass, like freshwater/saltwater tanks, grass tanks. ( Recommended for tanks up to 300 gallons)
  • FLOATING: Revolutionary magnetic cleaner features floating function, easy to be guided around corners without sinking, no worry of sinking to the bottom of fish tank
  • HANDGRIP DESIGN: KEDSUM Floating scrubber features unique handle design, convenient to use, user-friendly design makes people feel relaxed and comfortable when using it
  • STRONG MAGNETIC: Powerful magnetic forces control the inside cleaning brush to follow the outside handle. Wipe the outside, the inside is cleaned


11)Gulfstream Tropical AGU130A Mag-Float Acrylic Aquarium Cleaner

This is a revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking.

The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae.


12)Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

These devices help clean glass by magnetizing from an outside pad to the inner glass cleaner part.

This makes cleaning your glass much easier by eliminating the need to need to place your arm in water when cleaning the tank, which could cause issues with the quality of your water.

This is pretty straight forward, scrub until all the algae is gone.

About Sizes:
This magnetic cleaner from Windbells is meant for glass tanks and comes in a few different sizes. When choosing a size, remember that the larger the cleaner, the stronger the magnet.

fish tank brush

Different types of Glass Cleaner and Algae Removers Available

Glass cleaners can generally be divided into two different categories: the magnetic type, and the scraper (or blade) type.

Which type you prefer is ultimately down to your own preference and you may find that one type best fits your tank’s specific needs and shape over the other.

Magnetic Type

Magnetic cleaners are the trendy tool of the moment and their technology is improving all the time.

The cleaner consists of two separate magnetic parts, one of which has a rough scrubbing side, and the other has a smooth side. The scrubbing magnet is placed against the aquarium glass within the tank while the smooth magnet is placed on the outside.

As the magnets are attracted to each other, you are able to clean the inside of your aquarium walls by moving the outside magnet, which in turn moves the inside magnet, scrubbing the algae off as it goes.


  • You don’t need to put your hand and arms inside the tank, making a mess and getting wet
  • They can cover a lot of area quickly, depending on their size
  • Good magnet cleaners will allow the inner magnet to float, so if and when the magnets pull apart, it will be easily retrievable from the top of the tank
  • You can get into hard-to-reach spots easily by controlling it from the outside
  • They’re not very invasive so shouldn’t scare your fish


  • Generally, they’re not as effective at removing algae from corners as the magnetic contact weakens at these spots
  • If the magnet is too strong, it can be hard to move around, but if it is too weak (particularly if you have very thick glass), it will keep breaking apart and will take a long time to clean
  • If the inner magnet gets too close to the substrate at the bottom of the tank, it could pick up debris which will proceed to scratch your tank if you don’t remove it immediately

Scrapers and Blades

Scrapers and blades are the more traditional tools used to remove algae from your tank, and involve you manually sliding the scraper up and down the inner glass and putting enough pressure on the blade tool to effectively scrape off the algae.

These tools are often more labor-intensive than their magnetic counterparts – and you will probably get a little wet using them – but you will generally have total control on what and how much algae you’re able to remove.


  • You have control over where and what you clean, and at what intensity
  • Scrapers usually tough on algae
  • You’re not at the mercy of magnet strength
  • Scrapers won’t damage the silicone corners of your tank


  • If the scraper handle isn’t long enough, cleaning can get wet and splashy
  • Depending on their maneuverability, it may be difficult to clean around ornaments and tight spots
  • The shape and size of a scraper might scare your fish
how do magnetic aquarium cleaners work?
Mag Float is the brand name for a type of aquarium cleaning device that consists of two magnetic sides. One side is coarse and goes on the inside of the tank, the other side is soft and goes on the outside. Once the magnets have attached, you can move the aquarium cleaner around the glass to scrub off algae

A solution of diluted bleach with one part bleach to nine parts water can help kill and prevent algae. Another option is to use a mix of white vinegar and water. Vinegar is safe and is effective on algae. Rinse the fountain thoroughly after cleaning it.



I believe that after reading through this article you’re now equipped with enough knowledge and recommendations to easily remove all that  algae from your own tank.

Also, it will make your glass sparkling clean, leave a clean water, make the environment more habitable for your fish and overall leave your fish tank looking beautiful, and will be able to look on your work with pride from now on.

Just remember to never buy a cleaning tool for glass tanks when you have an acrylic one!

keep your fishes safe and healthy!


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