Are you beginning to get frustrated with the cartridge media present in your cartridge filter?

Do you find yourself wondering if there are good replacement filter cartridges,  if there could be a better filter option for you in the market?

Does it seem like you are having challenges finding the best replacement filter cartridges for your pool set up?

Worry no more as this article will provide you with key details needed to help you find the best replacement filter cartridges. You will also have a list of ten best replacement filter cartridges to review and choose from.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Replacement Filter Cartridges

Size: The size of your cartridge can have a say on how effective the cleaning of your pool water can be.

This is why you should put this on the list of things to consider before buying your next replacement filter. Pay attention to the size and know which works well for you.

Type of filter replacement: Take a look at your current filter and study what you like about it while you also pay attention to what it is lacking.

Put all this into consideration to know the type of filter replacement you are buying next.

You may need to consider whether you don’t want a type of filter that will require constant cleaning, or you would prefer to save yourself some cash by compromising on the amount of time you will need to wash the filter.

All these should be well considered so you won’t get frustrated along the line.

Brand name: So many brands out there are great at what they do and the quality their replacement filter brings to your pool.

All you need to do is check your brand preference and understand what each brand brings to the table in terms of quality

Review: Read reviews about your potential filter replacement to understand the dos and don’ts of your potential filter. This will also school you on the quality and durability of the product.

10 Best Replacement Filter Cartridges

1. Intex 29000E/59900E Easy Set Pool Replacement Type A/C Filter Cartridge – 6 Pack


The intex 29000E/59900E is presented with a pack of 6 to make your filtration process easier and also cleaner for a very long time.

These cartridges are well known in the market and are arguably the most sought after A/C type pool filter. With this product, you are guaranteed of the best decision.

Most users of this product have rated it so highly, and this shows the product is highly efficient in the cleaning of your pool.

Overall, you are going to enjoy the quality output of this product as it filters much finer debris and dirt than all series of other cartridges in the market.


2. Coleman Type III A/C Pool Filter Pump Replacement Cartridge 6-Pack


This type III A/C pool filter pump replacement cartridge comes as a low-cost product. It still gives one of the best quality filtration processes to keep your pool cool and clean always.

This is a durable filter that can be easily cleaned by rinsing and soaking to make it ready for use again.

This replacement filter promises ample filtration and crystal clear pool water regardless of how murky your pool water was.

Additionally, you can use these cartridges with your saltwater filters, microfilters, and ozone filters if you wish to do so.


3. FIT: Pool/Spa 2 Pack Unicel C-4950 Pleatco PRB50-IN FC-2390


This filter comes in range with a budget. If you are looking for one of those low budget filters that go head to head with the big brand filters, this is the best replacement filter cartridge to choose.

What makes this replacement filter a great buy is that it is designed to work with the most common type of types of the typical backyard and above ground filters, which is what makes it suitable for your pool.

This product is readily compatible with either of C or A/C size filter, and they are sometimes interchangeable with some type A filters also, this is, however, dependent on your current cartridge size.

By choosing this product, you are guaranteed of a long-lasting replacement filter.


4. Hayward CX1750RE Replacement Cartridge Element


By choosing a Hayward replacement cartridge element as part of your pool set up, then you have yourself one of the best quality replacement filters on the market.

This product is highly durable and will give you an experience of a lifetime by making your pool water look new as you desire.

The Hayward brand has been known for years, and its reputation has never failed any of their product; this is why you should bank on the capabilities of this product for your pool.

The materials used to design this product are heavily reinforced to give you a great filtration experience and lifespan.


5. Hayward CX1200RE Replacement Filter Cartridge


This is another great replacement filter cartridge from Hayward, and this will give you enough pleats to keep your water filtered as well as get rid of sand and DE filters.

This product boasts of 172 pleats filter cartridge which is built right into the system, what this means is that you will have more area and lot more filter media to work with when you are getting rid of contaminants from your pool water.

This cartridge is greatly durable as it is highly reinforced to make sure the filter media is in place at all times without collapsing.

Swimmers in your pool will definitely have great experience with this filter in place for your pool set up.


6. Intex Type A Filter Cartridge for Pools Twin Pack


I don’t think it can get more affordable than this as this Intex Type A Filter Cartridge for pools twin pack is just superb with what it does and yet comes very cheap.

This double Intex brand filter is engineered to last, and it comes ready-made with the outstanding quality assurance you would normally expect from an Intex product.

You can easily clean the paper portion of this product, and it is immediately ready for use again after cleaning.

With this twin product, you are sure of getting into your pool season with great confidence as you are sure of presenting quality and clean water with these cartridges.


7. Intex Pool Easy Set Type B Replacement Filter Pump Cartridge 6 Pack


The Intex brand is greatly known and is as well very common in the replacement filter cartridge market.

The Intex Pool Easy Set Type B Replacement Filter Pump Cartridge 6 Pack is another great and efficient product that is made to give you an exceptional pool experience.

This product type is made to work with any other traditional intex 59905 size B filter cartridges; however, this size is difficult to match.

This product is pretty easy to set up as the name implies, and you will love the quality output of the design.

One particular downside to this is that it works with lesser pleats than some of its counterparts.


8. Pleatco PA106-PAK4 Replacement Cartridge for Hayward SwimClear Pack of 4


With the Pleatco PA106-PAK4 Replacement Cartridge for Hayward SwimClear Pack of 4, you will be able to buy a series of incredible filters with a reduced price to make sure your pool is fine and clear from contaminants.

The design of this product is from a durable but lightweight plastic material, and with this, your filter is sure of withstanding any form of wear and tear.

This design is fascinating in that it is easy to clean, and it removes contaminants with ease and efficiency.

Once you install this in your pool, you are never going to worry about dirt or murky pool water again.


9. Pleatco PRB35-IN Replacement Cartridge for Dynamic Series IV


This Pleatco PRB35-IN Replacement Cartridge for Dynamic Series IV is either available as a two pack cartridge or single cartridge for your effective shopping.

Finding this type of distinct filter size is sometimes hard to come by, but it is affordable, and it will solve all your filtration challenges.

Keep a few of this product handy for ease of access when you are ready to do your pool water cleaning, and you will no longer have to worry about losing precious swimming time.

Finally, a downside to this is that washing this filter regularly can lead to its damage.


10. Pool/Spa Filter Cartridge Pleatco PRB25-IN


This cartridge promises cleaner pool water with less energy consumption, and it boasts of a longer life span.

This product weighs about 7 ounces, and the dimension is approximately 13.5 x 5 x 5 inches.

This is not just a filter cartridge but a total and complete filtration system that will fight microbes and filter away contaminants.

The core of this Pleatco cartridge allows for free flowing of water via the filtration fabric process, which is made to enhance the effectiveness of the filter.

A downside to this product is that the cartridge may show difficulties when trying to fit it properly as it may require an adjustment.


Knowing how competitive the market of replacement filters can be, we can tell you that we have only barely scratched the surface of the market with our list above.

However, you should know that the above list of products represents the best replacement filter cartridges in the market, and you are definitely going to enjoy your experience with either of these options.

Regardless of the aspects of replacement filter that works for your pool, we are definitely sure you will find a suitable one for your pool set up amongst our top ten best replacement cartridges.

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