Best Light For 10 Gallon Planted Tank

For an aquatic life lover and keeper of aquatic lives, it is important that you get the best light for your 10 gallon planted tank. This is needed for the proper growth of plants. Planted tanks or say aquariums that have plenty of plant life growing in them requires lots of light; this is because if your planted tank is not supplied with proper lighting the plants are going to wither away and die.

It is also important to know that the types of plants growing in your planted tank also says a lot about the light you will get for your planted tank.


#1. 18W LED Aquarium Light Bulb Hood


This product is built with a reliable 6 band full spectrum LED light with very cool and different colours of bulbs. This light readily gives your plants an ideal life by providing the plants with varieties of light energy to pick from.

The light product does not heat up the aquarium because it perfectly dissipates heat. The product is also energy sufficient, and it is a highly durable product that will readily spur the growths of your plants, though the product is not known to have fixtures


#2. Coralife 05509 Mini Compact Fluorescent


This is a perfect product because of its less consumption of space, and with this, the light bulb still gives out a whole wonderful lot of light. The bulbs high output is the reason it is suitable for your aquatic plant growth.

The operating temperature of this light bulb is very low, so you can be assured that there won’t be problems in your planted tank. Using this with freshwater and saltwater aquarium is also possible, and this makes it a versatile product.

The temperature it emits is very low, so you can be assured that this will not heat up your planted tank. This is a small product with no issues, but it only gives light no other features


#3. Marina 15 Watt Clear Showcase Bulb


This is one of the old lighting bulbs that will still give life to your planted tank, this light bulb is a 15-watt bulb. However, it isn’t as promising on the forefront of energy conservation. It is good for decorative lighting in your planted tank.

It is also a good source of heat for your reptiles and turtles too. This is a two bulb inclusion, and you should note that it has no fixture and the plus is that it is an excellent bulb for visual effect and plant growth.

This is a perfect product for the growth of your plants, and it is highly effective for heat emission should there be a need for heating in the planted tank. Keep in mind that it generates too much heat and is specified on the type of tank it works for


#4. Aquarium Incandescent T10

Without complicating matters, this is a 15-watt bulb that is packed in two’s. The brightness of this light bulb will not just beautify your planted tank, but it will directly spur the growth of your aquatic plants.

A great light bulb with wonderful visual effects, it is a type of incandescent light bulb, and there is nothing to worry about knowing that these type of bulbs are no longer much in existence but of the few that are left this is the one to have for your planted tank.

It is a basic and cheap lighting option, and it will readily beautify your planted tank also.

This is a product that is great for desktop planted tank, and it fits into many planted tanks which makes it a versatile product. There are reports that this light bulb easily burns out in no time and can sometimes come without colour.


#5. Zoo Med UltraSun Daylight Compact Fluorescent Bulb

This is a very superb option of a light bulb, it has magnificent brightness and it brightness mimics that of a daylight lightening. This will readily help the plants grow more quickly and breathe healthiness into the plants.

It is also a form of light that will illuminate the colors of the planted tank and bring out the good feeling of the bulb in the planted tank. It has the simulation of broad daylight; this is a product that is recommended for small tanks so that it can effectively light the tank up.

This is a beautiful light bulb with little or no energy consumption that is affordable and effective. This product has been reported to go out very fast


#6. Sun-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb

When we talk about a basic type of light bulb for your planted tank, this is one of it as it is not just basic but yet very effective in the way it lights up your planted tank. The gentleness in the way it simulates a normal daylight into your planted tank is one of a kind. Its mode of lighting is good for the normal plant growth, and it is very affordable. This is a product with a standard of T8 25mm bulb, and it readily fits into any form of standard electric ballasts.

Great bulb with tiny look and consumes less space, gives the feeling of daylight to plants in the tank. The product has bad packaging as it sometimes arrives broken.


#7. Marina 15-Watt Aqua Glo Showcase Bulb

This is a very attractive looking bulb that emits high amount of different colours of light; ranging from the blue to the red ends of the light spectrum.

This light bulb is very ideal for the healthy growth of the plants in the planted tank. This beautiful bulb has an effective way of using it light to display beautiful aquatic colours which will make you love the sight of your tank. The good thing about the product is it will readily fit into any form of standard sockets.

It is such a beauty and it displays a good amount of light just for the plants. The product has a horrible painting



Having read this article you will be sure to make the best decisions for yourself when you want to get the best light for your 10 gallon planted tank.

For as long as you follow the recommendations in this article you will be fine with your decision and choice making for the light bulb.

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