Unlike dogs and cats, your fish cannot notify you that it is hungry. These unobtrusive pets do not solicit attention in any way.

So while other pets may display behavior relative to being hungry, your fish acts in ordinary ways.

For the most conscientious fish owner, there might be days you’d forget to feed your pet(s).

At this point, the best automatic fish feeders come in handy. Automatic aquarium feeders are devices designed to feed fish and other aquatic life, at regular intervals.

There are several benefits of using an automatic fish feeder. Among other reasons, the best automatic fish feeders ensure that fish receive the right amount of food per time.


Criteria For Selecting The Best Automatic Fish Feeders

The following factors should guide your purchase of the best automatic fish feeders:

Size of the Food Chamber: Always consider how much food you’d store in your feeder. Even if you have only one fish, it would be wise to purchase with a large capacity.

The reason for this action is not far-fetched. If you decide to buy more fish or expand your aquarium, you won’t need to buy another feeder.

The battery life of the device: The feeding schedule for your fish is essential. Fish must feed on the right amount of food and at regular intervals.

Your best automatic fish feeder must come with batteries that won’t fail.

Besides, the batteries should serve for a long time before replacement or recharging

It is also a smart move to purchase the best automatic feeders with clearly displayed battery level indicator.

If your batteries need changing, you’ll know straight away and can act before any problems arise.

Ease of Use: The ease of setting up your best automatic fish feeder is another focal point.

While some feeders are set up in a flash, others pose significant challenges at installation.

Your selected fish feeder should permit you to adjust feeding frequency and use multiple food types.

Frequency of Feeding: The feeding requirements of your pet should determine the kind of fish feeder to purchase.

While some dispensers only give food twice a day, will others dispense upwards of 8 times?

Therefore, you must take the number of fish you have and their daily food requirements into consideration before purchasing a feeder.


10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders


1. EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder

The EHEIM everyday fish feeder ranks among the very best automatic fish feeders in the market today.

For starters, the EHEIM comes with a drum volume of 3.3 fl. ounces or 100 ml.

This capacity is big enough to accommodate any change in the size of your aquarium.

This best automatic fish feeder can be programmed through an LCD screen, to feed your fish up to 8 times per day.

The EHEIM shows great versatility as it can dispense several types of food, to a variety of pets, including frogs, turtles, and newts.

This device also comes with a 2-stage battery level indicator so you’ll receive ample warning to replace the batteries when necessary.


2. IntelliFeed Fish Feeder


If you are looking for an intuitive best automatic fish feeder, look no further than the intellifeed.

This fish feeder works well for feeding large numbers of fish.

The device comes with a pre-programmed module to feed fish twice a day, and you can dispense as many as 12 feedings daily.

Great functionality makes the IntelliFeed suitable in keeping the moisture out, so the food indie remains dry and comfortable to dispense.

The IntelliFeed fish feeder can stay for weeks at a time when you away from the home or office. The reason for this capability is the batteries.


3. Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder


The Hydor automatic fish feeder prides itself as the most reliable fish feeder in the market.

With the device’s exceptional build, you can rest assured that your unit will not fail in service.

The Hydor is excellent at keeping the moisture out of food.

You will also find that the Hydor Automatic fish feeder is power efficient; even with three feedings, you would not have to change batteries for nine months.

The Hydor is also versatile; It works with flake, pellet, and tablet food as well as any variety of breach.


4. Focuspet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder



The focuspet best automatic fish feeder provides excellent performance while in service.

The device dispenses food up to 4 times a day for your pets. The device is also capable of adjusting the quantity of food dispensed to the fish.

The focuspet uses 2 AA batteries, which gives the unit long periods of performance.

Many buyers will smile at the focuspet’s affordability and the value it offers at that price.


5. Anself Automatic Fish Feeder


The Anself comes as a handy automatic fish feeder for your home or office.

The device features an excellent installation feature that mounts the rim of your aquarium suitably.

This best automatic fish feeder comes with a reliable and accurate dial timer. This timer ensures that your fish receive the right amount of food for optimum health and wellbeing.

The fish food stays in a rotating plastic bin. A sliding window regulates how much food falls out of the bin when the timer tells the motor to rotate


6. Mylivell Automatic fish feeder


The Mylivell  Automatic feeder is a stellar representative of the best automatic fish feeders in the market today.

For starters, the Mylivell  can feed a variety of fish foods, including flakes, and can provide up to 4 feeds daily.

You achieve this feeding frequency utilizing an easy-to-use timer. This device embraces simplicity and runs well on 2 AAA batteries.

Additionally, the Mylivell  feeder has adequate ventilation, keeping food dry and protecting it from going stale.

The hopper itself is also moisture resistant.


7. Pelepet automatic fish feeder

The pelepet Automatic fish feeder catches the eye for its aesthetic design and colorful exterior.

However, there is more to this device than its obvious appeal. The device takes 2 AAA batteries; both included with the feeder, which gives service performance for more than six months.

The risk of your feeder running out of charge is at the barest minimum. You also have the option of the feeding set to either automatic or manual.

The pelepet comes with feed adjustment settings, so your fish get the right quantity of food at thy right time.


8. Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder

The Acquachef enjoys innovative and advanced manufacturing design, making it one of the best automatic fish feeders.

For starters, the Acquachef is moisture resistant, preventing feed from clumping and rotting.

The storage unit of the Acquachef holds 35 grams of food, including flakes, pellets, and crumbled fish food.

With this capacity, you can keep your fish fed for a long time while you are away from home.

The device is easy to install and can dispense food up to 4 times every day in either single or double portion sizes.

9. PROCHE aquarium fish feeder

The Proche comes in a plastic housing, with 2 AAA batteries. It has an LCD screen and can handle up to 4 feeds per day.
This best automatic feeder feeds multiple kinds of foods, including flakes, pellets, powders, and strips.

Hence the Proche is an ideal choice for home fish tanks and aquariums with several species of aquatic animals.

This feeder also features an adjustable slider. You can use this feature to increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed.

Note that the Proche Aquarium fish feeder is also easy to install.



10. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium fish feeder

The fish mate comes with many firsts in the industry. For starters, this best automatic fish feeder features an integrated fan which jeeps the feed dry and free from moisture.

The ventilation system of the fish mate is set up so you can pause its operation, with an on/off button.

The fish mate comes with an adjustable clamp. This clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any aquarium.


Your best automatic fish feeder must possess certain features for maximum service delivery.

There are many options and features available in fish feeders. You should make your selection for the best automatic fish feeder based on your needs (read as the needs of your fish) as well as product specifications.

In the long run, you’d want to choose a fish feeder that can work with any change(s) in the size of your aquarium and the number of fish.

Price should also play a big part in making a decision. Your best automatic fish feeder must give extra value for your money.

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